Justice Talk with Mark Beer, OBE: Crossing the Justice Chasm with Technology

A legal tech legend talks with Jur about the justice chasm, how tech will help bridge the gap on access to justice, and the future of legal tech. What’s going on in the legal and justice tech market in 2021? We asked some key opinion leaders and futurists who are shaping the industry. Mark Beer, […]

4 Real Life Lessons Learned from Digital Arbitration

We learn much about ourselves and life through the career we choose to take, and arbitration is no exception. Arbitrators preside over many disputes and from each of those, they learn valuable life lessons that they take outside of proceedings. We spoke with Sophie Nappert, an independent international arbitrator and co-founder of ArbTech, to share […]

True or False: Myths about Digital Arbitration

As digital arbitration becomes more widely known, many myths about its efficiency, processes, and application emerge. Some myths about digital arbitration are harmless, while others are causing resistance to this innovative dispute resolution method. Arbitrators must know which of these are true in order for them to work efficiently and run proceedings smoothly. That’s why […]