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Jur has an ambitious vision — to make justice accessible and built for today’s global economy. The legal industry is due for a much-needed modernisation.

To lead this movement, we have to look the part.

Introducing Jur’s new visual branding. This new look has started and will continue to roll out on our website, social media accounts, and other future communications to support our commitment to bring a new brand of justice worldwide.

Jur revised fonts

Designing unity in diversity

We serve a global community backed by an internationally-distributed team, building a platform that serves justice at the speed of business. So, it is only natural for Jur to take a multicultural approach to ensure that our new branding resonates anywhere in the world.

The product is a universally understandable design language that puts a premium to unity amidst diversity. A testament to Jur’s brand of inclusive and accessible justice.

Jur’s revised colours

Digital justice has a name

In an industry plagued by fragmentation and confusion, Jur wants to be the simple, understandable, and recognisable name. This desire is reflected by our updated logo, inspired by the mission to unite people through online platforms that deliver unparalleled access to digital justice.

the process behind the creation of the Jur logo

Our updated logo efficiently shows our aspirations, goals, and capabilities, while making it understandable to the growing global legal community.

Picture the future of justice

They say a picture paints a thousand words and as a platform with a global footprint, we have the responsibility and opportunity to craft visuals that speak a thousand languages. So, along with our revamped logo, we developed graphic assets that work together to create a powerful visual system that clearly communicates our values and promotes unity in diversity.

We identified Jur’s values, took inspiration from ancient and modern legal imagery, and had multiple rounds of consultation with our globalised team. The result is a system of symbols, perfectly reflecting the ideals of the company such as transparency, speed, and accessibility, among others. Instead of telling you, let us show you how we did it:




All the other symbols

Pushing the boundaries even further, these symbols work together to create intuitive patterns that drive the message of unity in diversity.

In the same vein, our modern illustrations will help tell the story of Jur’s mission to provide access to justice for people. These illustrations will show how Jur’s technology is made for people, by people. After all, human-centered design is central to Jur’s design process. These will evolve as we roll out our rebranding, so be on the lookout for new and exciting designs.

Thanks to symbols, patterns, and illustrations, we paint the picture of the future of justice — one that is inclusive, accessible, and empowering.

The global community’s verdict

It is always difficult to please an audience, let alone a global one. However, we are delighted to share that our rebranding was met with positive feedback from our amazing justice tech community. Here are some of their thoughts on the rebrand:

“A fresh clean logo that goes straight to the heart of the project, decentralised justice.”
– @TimmySundstrom on Twitter

“I find the logo very clean, neutral looking, and easy on the eyes! [It] speaks effectivity, solution-oriented, and balance.”
@MPHAM on Telegram

“With this rebrand, the Jur team turns the page for a new exciting chapter in their journey towards a future of decentralised justice”
– @RossdaleNL on Twitter and Telegram

“It’s a great logo indeed. Really expresses the arbitrating element”
– @Crypto_Sid_K on Twitter (@SidKol on Telegram)

“In my opinion, a perfectly executed design in tune with what Jur stands for.”
– @Juroracle on Twitter (@einers on Telegram)

This warm support inspires us to work even harder to realise our vision of making justice simple, accessible, and built for today’s interconnected world.

Progressive is in our DNA

Similar to our product development’s Road to Decentralisation, Jur’s new look will take a progressive approach. We have started rolling out Jur’s new visual branding in our channels, and more will follow in the coming weeks.

With this new branding, Jur is excited to deliver a new brand of justice all over the world — and we want to take more people on this journey.

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