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San Marino, 7th September 2019

After signing partnerships with VeChain and DNVGL, Jur AG has signed a strategic partnership with San Marino Innovation, the body responsible for supporting innovation and regulating the blockchain market in San Marino. Jur is the first dApp to be selected by the body of innovation of the country, thus resulting in a historic moment for the project and for legal tech adoption.

The object of the partnership is to build a path of adoption and experimentation together with San Marino’s institution. Jur will play a role in the definition of a strategic approach in creating a legal ecosystem over time, particularly in relation to dispute resolution and Smart Legal Contracts.

We are pleased to start a dialogue aimed at bringing blockchain-based dispute resolution systems and solutions to the Republic of San Marino.

Alessandro Palombo, CEO of Jur

“For at least two reasons; first, it is of fundamental importance for early-stage projects to identify the right Institutional Partners; second, because we are honoured to be able to contribute through Jur to the San Marino ecosystem and we believe we can add value to their legal framework, – he remarks.

San Marino is a small country with a GDP of 1.6 billion dollars. We value the leaner infrastructures, where Jur will have the possibility to contribute on a structural level. We are pleased to start this path so that it can be taken as a model for other realities.

Source: Data World Bank

The procedure for the approval of the certification of the strategic partnership has been successfully concluded and we are ready to start this constructive path together. 

Sergio Mottola, Executive Chairman of San Marino Innovation.

“For the benefit of San Marino’s Blockchain ecosystem, it is essential to ensure effective guarantee mechanisms and dispute resolution. In addition, the vertical blockchain and legal is one of those to be explored more and we believe we can do well with the Jur team – he concludes.

The next steps will be to identify the single points of co-operation according to the Jur development strategy.

Alessandro Palombo has been recently appointed as Coordinator of the new Technical Board of the Scientific Committee — Ecosystem Growth and Consolidation for San Marino Innovation.

About San Marino Innovation

San Marino Innovation was incorporated by the Government of the Republic of San Marino to drive open innovation initiatives, grow the ecosystem and the presence of San Marino as an Innovation Hub internationally. San Marino Innovation is the Government Innovation Institute which manages corporate innovation projects, incubation and acceleration of startups, and international relations to facilitate technology exchange.

About Jur

Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing revolutionary trust solutions in legal and justice industry in any business-related circumstances. Jur’s unique set of tools enable anyone to create contracts and resolve disputes online, in a fast, easy, affordable and incorruptible way.

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