Meet the Team: Cezary Olborski, Chief Technology Officer

Bringing the legal justice system to the digital world is not an easy feat, but with the ever-evolving world, this change is inevitable. As a tech start-up, Jur needed someone with extensive knowledge and experience in building the company from the ground up in bridging the gap between justice and the digital sphere. 

As Jur’s Chief Technology Officer, anything technical—all the nitty-gritty—gets scrutinized by Cezary Olborski.

Getting to know Cezary

Cezary was born in Poland but is now based in Bali, Indonesia for the past two years, enjoying the iconic landscapes, sceneries, and beaches. If he’s not developing his programs, he could be seen by the beaches of Bali or hiking the terrains with his family. 

Going beyond the programs he develops, Cezary practices an active and healthy lifestyle running long distances, diving, and traveling. He’s also into music and arts—as he plays the guitar and enjoys taking photographs of breathtaking landscapes in Bali. 

Working remotely, he is able to enjoy his active lifestyle, while working with people across the globe—despite the challenge of working in many different timezones with his teammates. “In our team, everyone can feel comfortable, we don’t forget about our personal needs and respect our cultural differences,” he shares.

Cezary studied Physics at the Warsaw University and Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology, but he did not just stop there, as he had acquired a number of certifications related to his field of interest. Impressively, he has over 50 professional certifications from tech and management areas, and he has worked with some of the biggest Polish companies and built an ODS for one of the biggest European insurance companies under the Talanx group. 

He is indeed a veteran in his field with 17 years of experience—having worked for the insurance and telecommunications sector prior to Jur.

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Cezary has more than enough qualifications under his belt to take on the role of Chief Technology Officer at Jur. 

Cezary Olborski

From big companies to legal tech

If you ask him how he got into the blockchain industry, Cezary would tell you about how his interest in solving internal business problems using software solutions evolved into more complex projects, leading a completely decentralized world of blockchain. 

“Around 3 years ago, I decided to move from traditional distributed IT solutions to a completely decentralized blockchain world. Now I’m focused on blockchain use cases related to the real world—all ideas around transparency, digital twin, decentralized decision making, and so on.”

Although he does not have any prior experience directly related to legal tech, he believes that Jur is building something that can make the world a better place. Cezary’s hopeful that the team will provide people with a more accessible, independent, and reliable justice system. 

Adding the tech in legal tech

Despite being a new startup, Jur builds on a long history of the legal system, with the added convenience of a digital platform adapting to the changing world. Just like Cezary, his previous experiences and education helped him shape every technical aspect of the platform that will provide quality and accessible service to more people across the globe.  

“Jur was a huge opportunity for me to scale up a small company, and join at the moment where everything still is very fresh, ideas are changing and we are very flexible,” he says. 

From his previous engagements, he brought with his insights on transparency, logistic chains, and digitalization to do something that can make this world a better place. 

He mentions that the company offers opportunities for learning and improvement despite mistakes being made along the way. “We make mistakes but we are always getting lessons from them, to make our ideas bulletproof,” expresses Cezary. 

The best time to join Jur is ASAP

With his vast experience, he advises those who are interested to join the realm of legal and justice tech to hurry and be part of Jur.

“We are growing very fast and it’s great to be part of something so incredible. We have a lot of energy to change the legal market and a very strong blockchain background to increase understanding how decentralization can be the game-changer for many business problems,” explains Cezary. 

He says 2022 will be an extraordinary year for Jur, verifying one of its most important ideas and coming back with new and innovative concepts, supporting real-world needs with the best blockchain solutions. 

Cezary is happy to find his place in Jur after he has decided to focus on his personal development. He notes that working in the blockchain industry has not always been simple and smooth-sailing, but the goal of the company is that beacon of light leading Jur in the direction of helping people through. 

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