Meet the Team: MTM Suhail, our Senior Backend Developer

Who is at the heart of Jur’s platform creation? At one of Jur’s offices in Bangalore, India, Jur’s development team is hard at work building the multi-layer dispute resolution system, and various other Jur products that represent the next generation in decentralized legal technology.

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MTM Suhail at WeWork, Bangalore

Meet MTM Suhail

MTM Suhail, or just Suhail, is a senior backend developer brought in to beef up Jur’s backend, the tricky parts that go on behind the scenes when users interact with the platform. Suhail is no stranger to professional development, with 8 years of professional experience building ERPs, hospital management systems, finance systems, e-commerce, and various other corporate solutions. In 2017 he launched his own company, a multiple intelligence and aptitude testing (MIAT) app that could recommend career paths based on personality and psychological traits. This shows an interesting side of Suhail’s character, as a developer who devotes a major part of his free time to learning about psychology and human sciences in his quest to better understand how people act.

To get to know Suhail, and how he wound up working on an ambitious and revolutionary legaltech blockchain project, it’s important to visualize how his past experiences and ideas of the future drove him to this point.

A fascination with learning

When Suhail started out his career, he was driven to find more sources of knowledge. He frequently talks about himself as an introvert, not in the shy sense, but as someone who finds motivation from within and prefers solitary expression to sharing emotions with others. As a hobby, he spent 2–3 hours learning something new each day, ranging from different branches of science such as technology, theoretical physics, astrophysics, biological human history, sociology, and human psychology. This scientific temper leads him to build useful tools that solve real-world problems. When he decided to move forward, he chose to focus on the psychology side, and in 2017, he worked with a small software development team along with known psychologists to build an app that could analyze its users and create a report detailing professional job opportunities based on that profile. This 35-page report factored in aspects of brain mapping like IQ, EQ, multiple intelligence & its level of perception, strengths & weaknesses, behavioural patterns, social interactions, communication skills, and many other characteristics. The app was well-received and even won an innovation award by national newspaper The Indian Express. It turned out to be a gateway for Suhail, as during the course of researching job markets, he learned about some particularly worrisome trends that were threatening future jobs.

An eye to the future

His obsession with learning gave him some strong insights into what will lie ahead for society, where technology and automation are set to eliminate large swaths of low-skill labour jobs. He is very outspoken in his beliefs, especially concerning 2030 and beyond, where the manufacturing and transportation industries might be completely different. His personal research has led to topics such as nanotechnology, data science, robotics, artificial intelligence, and of course blockchain technology. Suhail is quick to tell you how he feels about blockchain’s potential, a technology he finds capable of starting a new industrial revolution, much like the internet did in the 90s. He hopes that the next generation of high-school and college grads are preparing for this, and he wants to give them the tools to do so. For the last two years, he has been volunteering time to teach about topics like blockchain in local schools in his native Kerala, a coastal state in the Southwest of India. The high school students there get the chance to learn about how their educational choices might affect their future careers, and get a glimpse into how our world is evolving. However, Suhail doesn’t take a lot of credit for this, as he states it’s a duty of the current generation to prepare these kids for the challenges of tomorrow. Still, it’s easy to see that behind his humble personality there is an uncommon mix of selflessness and intelligence that enables him to take time out of his busy schedule to work with local students.

Finding a role with Jur

Suhail’s fascination with blockchain pushed him to investigate jobs in this field, and Jur’s approach of making easier access to justice and decentralization really stood out to him. As someone with no problem seeing the future of the workplace, imagining a digital court system and smart legal contracts came easy to him. On top of that, Jur CTO Luca Daniel was very supportive, helping him to get settled and apply his talents to the project. Suhail is comfortable working with a number of programming languages with Test Driven Development (TDD), a skill that should really benefit the Jur platform. Jur should be a place where Suhail can directly embrace two of his three biggest passions: development and blockchain. The third passion, human psychology and ancient history also play a role. He believes that it is all connected, as humans seek communities to tell their stories. Blockchain is a way to build decentralized communities connecting everything together. And when the Jur platform is finally complete, thanks to Suhail and the rest of the development team, it should be the largest community of legal professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and freelance creators around.

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