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Jur Market Report #8 — Q3 2021
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Jur AG ("Jur") publishes a quarterly Jur Market Report providing regular updates on the state of the market. This includes partnerships, institutional strategies, and relevant JUR token-related announcements. Jur, being a responsible stakeholder and a JUR token holder, chooses to be transparent about its token management to keep the community and other contributors informed.The current report covers Q3 ‘21 (July 2021 - September 2021).Market reports are published within 10 days of the end of the quarter in review to accommodate events that happened in the last days of the quarter. Q3 2021 Highlights Jur conducted customer development activities for its arbitration product. These are helping expand the pipeline of arbitrators and companies interested in using its upcoming product geared towards digitizing arbitration. Moreover, Jur has released two surveys: one directed to users (small, medium, and large enterprises) and another sent to existing arbitrators. The goal of these surveys is to collate insights about the sector from a wide audience in the absence of such industry benchmarks. These surveys also aim to extensively cover the pain points of industry players. You may find the customer research survey here and the arbitrator survey here. The results and insights from both these activities will be shared with interested communities and relevant stakeholders during Q4. LawtechUK has published the report of the feasibility study Jur has helped create, discussing the creation of an SME online dispute resolution platform. This study sheds light on how a digital solution can alleviate UK businesses from disputes & claims which totals to a staggering amount of £3.4bn. In this quarter, Jur has also finalized a strategic deal to foster its blockchain development. More details will be shared within Q1 2022.  Private contributors The seventh release for private contributors has been issued as per the policy described in Jur Market Report #0. Jur distributed JUR Tokens to all the private contributors who have replied to the official communication sent for the purpose. If you are a private contributor who is eligible for the distribution but did not reply to that communication, please reach out through Jur’s official channels. Company Reserve Despite the statement contained in Jur Market Report #0, Jur has not yet defined a detailed plan of usage for tokens contained in the Company Reserve wallet. Until further notice, these funds are locked up indefinitely. Expenditure Report In the past quarter, the main outflows from Jur AG’s official wallets were related to private contributors: 780,832.04 JUR Tokens distributed as part of the quarterly batches for private contributors. Please note, some contributors did not provide their wallets yet. Jur will be distributing their due tokens as soon as their wallet addresses are received so this might happen at any time during the next quarter. Jur Wallets To provide direct accountability over the established vesting period, Jur publicly shares information about its wallets. TypeInitial SupplyOld BalanceCurrent BalanceAddressIEO 10%100,000,0000Transactions IDs: 0x5f849b62ffdd2b3beea298f4e1c0dc38974b1c9aab20d00afa3dd306d02174010x73e8ff2ac4a9df0e27a5948e0f7145e687870c9522bef152f59dc4cb987456fdPrivate Contributors10%20,192,225.1419,411,393.100xc01b26cd4b9525ad1b67a54fad53a8bff91ae01dTeam, Scientific Committee and Advisors10%100,000,000100,000,0000xf346f1ab880d5b2cd0333bf69c280a732fa4a1c4Company Reserve20%200,000,000200,000,0000x5d7fe18beff1c4f16115cb8cfcd87442a89d9278Business Development, Tech & Operations50%417,917,918.72417,917,918.720x747fa3858456f3978cc747ca4290111b933986d5 Recent Highlights Here are the highlights from the past quarter: Jur launches the product waitlist for customersOur newsletter, Your Jurnal, covering legal tech, justice, and everything in between is now liveWe interviewed Evan Slavitt, SVP and General Counsel of AVX Corporation for our recently launched Justice Talk Series

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Meet the Team: Brad Wilcox, our Chief Product Officer
It could be challenging to engage people into trying new things, especially when there are already a pre existing systems in place. However, for Jur’s Chief Product Officer Brad Wilcox, adoption is only a matter of building a justice solution that is rooted in people’s real life experiences. We spoke with him to understand why he joined the Jur team and how he’s helping to ensure that the services are ready to revolutionize justice. Getting to know Brad Brad grew up in Florida, U.S.A. Growing up in an area with a wide variety of biodiversity, he has always been drawn to the ocean. “As a kid, I grew up fishing with all my friends and hanging around boats. I was kind of obsessed with fishing growing up—if I wasn’t fishing, I was getting the rods ready to go fishing,” he says happily.  These days, Brad is still looking out for ways to change the world for the better. Brad Wilcox Shaping the future from his past During his youth, Brad saw the change in fishery in Florida after a net ban. “There was a problem with overfishing and I was able to see the difference of there not being an abundance of fisheries to all the sudden there being a complete change—it took about two or three years.” This hope for our future caused Brad to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Policy and a Master’s Degree in Marine Affairs and Policy.  “After I graduated with that Master’s Degree, I joined the Coral Reef Action Network as a liaison in the Caribbean, but I was working from an office cubicle in Washington D.C. “For me, it wasn’t as exciting as being on the ground, right there in the village, face-to-face with the people that the policy was impacting. So, I decided to pick up and move where I knew I could make a real difference,” he expresses. Brad moved to Bali, Indonesia to live and work in the communities serving the people directly, to the root of the problem, and create solutions with those who are negatively affected by marine conservation.  As he immersed himself within the community, it taught him that alternative solutions must be sought after to balance conservation while providing people with enough sustenance to get by. “First of all, I was trying to conserve and protect marine resources, but it felt wrong saying ‘don’t fish here; I’m sorry you’ll have to get your dinner for your family somewhere else.’ I was confronted head-on with the reality that it’s a balance. It got me to engage with the alternative livelihoods concept, we were able to help people in a way that was sustainable and I was able to create livelihoods through an accelerator program to help market eco-tourism—hotel, adventure activities for tourists—we help them improve tourism so that people could see the benefit of a sustainable lifestyle and relationship with the environment,” Brad says telling his story of how he started developing program bridging the gap between the needs of the community and preserving biodiversity.  Brad has also worked on a project with the Thailand hill tribes to promote eco-tourism as an alternative livelihood to the people. Under the Reef Artisan Collaborative of Indonesia, he engaged with university students all around the world who would like to help with the cause of providing alternative livelihoods under a six-week program for students, and in exchange they would be given six credits by their respective institutions. And this led him into the realm of tech by providing the platform that helped facilitate the automation of the in-and-out of students as the projects were ongoing.  Owning your path and trusting the process From his experience in policy from Washington D.C. to getting his hands dirty with on-ground experience of connecting to the people who are directly affected by the loss of marine biodiversity, to creating a platform to automate the movement of students under the Reef Artisan Collaborative of Indonesia, all these roads eventually led him to Jur, a legal tech startup that aims to democratize the justice system.  “I always try to get closer to the ground level. The more experience I have, the more I want to go back in touch with the creation and touch points directly with customers and the team,” Brad says, reminiscing about his previous engagements. As Chief Product Officer, Brad ensures that the services of Jur truly answer to the needs of the people. And with his wealth of experience and high spirits, he is able to truly rally the team into building a platform that will redefine access to justice. With Jur, Brad was able to focus on a project that will help more people in the long run—bringing them conveniences, especially now that life also exists in the digital world.   “I am sure that we can do what we’re trying to do. When it’s an altruistic mission like justice, when we are talking about the bigger vision of this which is to democratize justice and bring it to people—I know that in most of the world, the biggest part of the world’s population are really completely lacking access to this kind of solution—it makes sense because as the world is modernizing, it doesn’t have to mean cities and infrastructure, it should mean conveniences that allow them to balance their life to go forward and revolutionize the world.” ‘Getting your time back’ Brad invites those who want to be part of the future of justice to join Jur. “We have an extra seat in the rocket ship, and in return we ask for your utmost patience, complete focus, undivided attention and most of all the creativity you were born with!” he exclaims.  He advises those who are looking into shifting their tracks in life to trust the process in looking into what they find interesting and what actions they see themselves doing in the future.  “Be prepared to change direction on a dime—you’re going to pivot, you’re going to throw things out, you’re going to fail, but you need to have the patience to allow the process to unfold organically and to understand that you have to make things happen.” By being able to refocus one’s attention to things that matter, Jur provides its customers with a convenient option to resolve disputes using an adaptable and modern experience that is more time efficient to involved parties. “This state of conflict resolution is about spending a lot of non-quality time trying to get to the solution, and it seems to be a big value proposition for them to go online and have everything centralized—it’s about them, you have to connect back to the person, and it’s about getting their time back,” he declares.  Brad describes Jur as a product that will help people “get their time back” with the convenience of justice solutions right at one’s fingertips with the power of technology.  Subscribe to the Jur newsletter to get curated content on legal tech, updates on our ecosystem, and interesting insights into our products.
Meet the Team: Natalie Lis, our Technology Tester
As a tech startup, the star of the show is the product Jur is developing to make justice more accessible to people. But before the Jur platform goes live, it must be first quality assessed for bugs and other troubleshooting concerns.  We had a chat with our Technology Tester Natalie Lis to talk about the process of ensuring that the developed tech is working at its best capacity.  Getting to know Natalie Before Natalie got into Jur, she was a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in Bali, Indonesia and traveling in various locations in Southeast Asia, going beyond the waters’ surface—exploring the deep unknowns for around four and a half years.  “I was traveling a lot—all over Southeast Asia, diving everywhere and doing the courses so that at some point I can become a diving instructor, and that brought me to Bali,” she says.  Before she hopped on the plane to fly halfway across the world and be near the waters, Natalie was working in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Prior to that, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Philology in Poland, where she was born and raised.  Delving into the arts, Natalie also enjoys dancing, watching movies, as well as painting. Taking a look into her Instagram page, @buleninja, one will be amazed by her creativity in creating life-like pieces on various media such as canvas and denim.  There are also pictures on her page taken during her dives and other adventures featuring some wildlife underwater.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Natalia (@buleninja) Not everyone in tech is into tech Having been a diving instructor for a while, Natalie has not had any tech experience prior to Jur. How she got into Jur was actually through Cezary—our Chief Technology Officer—as she was giving him diving lessons.  She explained that all it took was Cezary handing him a copy of the product handbook and she was hooked with how logical the whole process was of creating and working on the platform. “I think it’s interesting how it works, it’s all logical, and you know why you do it and if you learn it, it will do something else,” expressed Natalie. Being an English Philology graduate, learning a new language is basically her cup of tea.  As a technology tester, her task is to use the product and see if it is working the way it should, making sure that users who will be utilizing it will be able to achieve the intended output out of the platform.  “The team created a beautiful code for the platform and it should work, and what I do is I play with it all the time and I’m trying to break it—trying to find its weakest points,” Natalie explains.  Despite not having a tech background, she sees the process as a language to be learned, but just something that is not spoken.  “Cezary took me because he wanted to have someone who has no experience with coding because people who are like that are more into technical things. So I end up finding more bugs because I bring a fresh perspective and experience the product as a user,” Natalie recalls as she explains how it is like working with a tech team who are dealing directly with the backend codes. Working with Jur Natalie feels at home with Jur, despite working remotely. With the work anywhere setup, she gets to enjoy her creative hobbies and explore places while still being able to connect with her team.  “The work in our team is super fun. It is very flexible, people work whenever they can, but still, things are getting done. It is a friendly atmosphere, there are many meetings and some of them are very personal so that we don’t feel like robots.”  Being a tech startup, there is much to do, and with that comes more people getting invited to join the team. Natalie mentions that she enjoys working with the people in Jur. “I like how we have a big team and we recruit people, and we try to find the best people. Everybody contributes so much,” she says.  Natalie believes that what Jur is creating is important, with the world shifting into digital means. Jur aims to bring digital justice to people across the world to help them deal with their circumstances in the most convenient means possible.  “Right now, everything is going to be digital in the next year, and now if there is nothing like a legal application, I think we are very good at doing it. If we’re the first in the market, it will be the best.”  She highly recommends working with the tech team with its great and fun atmosphere, because she sees that she learns and experiences something new every day—and that for her is what makes Jur-work exciting.  Subscribe to the Jur newsletter to get curated content on legal tech, updates on our ecosystem, and interesting insights into our products.