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Legal & Justice Tech Webinars 2020: Learnings from a Global Community
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We ran 12 webinars over the first 6 months of the pandemic to talk, connect, and engage with the legal and justice tech community all around the world. Here’s why. When the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives, we decided to start a series of webinars all around the world to connect with our community and do something meaningful in a time where things were out of the “normal” routine. We thought of a format along these principles: We wanted to do it differently. Our webinars were not meant for any commercial purpose as we thought that would have not given an objective value to our audience. That's why we kept it free from time-consuming explanations of our products and instead focused on academic-level talks on smart contracts, blockchain and dispute resolutionWe thought that quality shouldn't come with compromise. That's why we left the participation free for all, and gave the option only to those who were really interested in Jur and our activity in the legal and justice tech industry to receive our newsletter updates. The initial goal of this program was to offer value through the digital channels, which were the only ‘places’ available at the onset of the pandemic. In order to make these uncertain times less frustrating, we thought of doing what we do best: looking into the future and providing value for our community. The results have been above expectations. These activities allowed us to engage with legal and justice tech enthusiasts, lawyers, arbitrators, professors, policymakers and students around the world. On average, each webinar had 133 participants (~90% legal tech lawyers), in which we got the chance to talk, connect, and engage with people coming from 65 countries and 254 cities who are all passionate about shaping the future of legal and justice tech. This impressive result for the legal and justice tech industry would have never been possible without the help of the amazing members of our extended Jur Community.  We would like to thank all the legal tech communities and organizations that co-hosted these amazing and productive webinars with us: Uganda 🇺🇬 with Alice Namuli, Head Innovation and TechnologyGreece 🇬🇷 with Mantalena Kaili, Policy Advisor, LLM-MediatorSouth Africa 🇿🇦 with Kristi Erasmus, Head Of Faculty at Futures Law Faculty Switzerland 🇨🇭 with Rolf W. Guenter, Executive Board Member at Swiss Legal Tech Association Mexico  🇲🇽 with the Guadalajara Legal Hackers Chapter China 🇨🇳 with Fan Xiaojuan Italy 🇮🇹 with 4cLegalIndia 🇮🇳 with Madhvendra Singh, International Arbitrator, FCIArb Cyprus 🇨🇾 with Anna Plevri, Assistant Professor at University of NicosiaAustralia 🇦🇺  with Eli Bernstein, Fintech & Commercial LawyerUganda 🇺🇬 and Tanzania 🇹🇿 with Alice Namuli and Madeline Kimei, Arbitrator & ODR ExpertsQatar 🇶🇦 with Georgios Dimitropoulos, Associate Professor of Law at Hamad Bin Khalifa University The reward and the enthusiasm that came with it has no price.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmwxPTKqGPo&list=PLsApGj_CztCU5OhSXOQ1fKm7CUTOuojLs&ab_channel=JurOfficial Take a look at Jur's YouTube playlist for the recorded versions of the webinars In a personal note from our CEO Alessandro Palombo: Honorable mentions to Raffaele Battaglini, Luigi Cantisani, Federico Angeloni, and Jur’s co-founder Luca Y. Daniel for being consistent and present in all the events. The further collected feedback from each community will allow us to improve the content of our future webinars and make it more tailored to the needs of the specific community. We have come a long way since March when I published a post about Jur being united at distance, over these hard times. Happy to see that we have made great progress in positively affecting so many professionals around the globe despite the challenges.Alessandro Palombo, CEO of Jur Want to know how legal tech is going all around the 🌎?  We’ve got just the thing! Thanks to our webinars, we met over 1,000 new friends from 65 countries and 255 cities who shared some interesting facts, insights, and even a few quick-witted anecdotes about how legal tech is going at their side of the world.  And we’re excited to let you in on some of the secrets 😉 Simply comment ‘#legaltechworld’ on our LinkedIn post or talk to us on Twitter, and if we reach 20 requests we’ll share the ‘Legal and Justice Tech World Map by Jur!  We are developing the first multi-jurisdiction online dispute resolution platform, the Open Justice Platform. Learn more.

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Jur to Start MDR LAB Legal Tech Acceleration Program
We are proud to announce that Jur has been selected to participate in Mishcon De Reya’s MDR LAB. The program will start in December 2020 and continue for twelve weeks. To reduce COVID-19 risks, the entire program will be run remotely. MDR LAB is a series of programmes that seek to launch, improve and scale the next generation of LegalTech. It receives approximately 100-150 startup applications and cohort membership is competitive and exclusive. MDR LAB’s 2020 acceleration program "Improve" represents a unique opportunity to work with a top legal tech team that has a proven track record to boost the upcoming launch of our Open Justice Platform. Jur and the MDR LAB team will work closely on establishing product-market fit and the testing and polishing of the roadmap for the Open Justice Platform, a new dispute resolution system designed to deliver faster, affordable, and more reliable justice in 166 jurisdictions worldwide.   The MDR team and the MDR LAB have professionals such as Tom Grogan, Alistair Moore and Nick West, all of whom offer a unique expertise in DLT technologies. One of MDR’s most recent achievements is the creation of the White paper for DLT use for the UK Land Registry.   Jur will participate in the program alongside Draftwise, a knowledge management and contract drafting startup. Founded by ex-Palantir team members with a core team based out of New York. Draftwise recently graduated from the Y Combinator 2020 batch.   We are really excited to join the MDR LAB. We encountered an outstanding team with deep expertise in DLT projects and a successful track-record in supporting startups who are scaling up. I believe that this cooperation will be strategically beneficial for the product-market fit of Jur and will help achieve our milestones over the coming months. We are extremely excited to start this journey!Alessandro Palombo, CEO of Jur We were originally interested in Jur because we have a shared vision of how we can use technology to democratise arbitration and improve the way it currently works. This is something MDR LAB have thought about for some time and the impetus to change has only intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to bringing the best of the MDR Group and our subject matter experts to help Jur achieve their business and societal objectives.Dan Sinclair, head of the MDR LAB We are developing the first multi-jurisdiction online dispute resolution platform, the Open Justice Platform. Learn more.
Jur Delivers a Professional Certificate Course with Mumbai Centre for International Arbitration
On 21st and 22nd of November 2020, the Mumbai Centre For International Arbitration in collaboration with Jur delivered a Professional Certificate Course on blockchain, smart contracts and online dispute resolution. The course was designed to teach professionals how blockchain and smart contracts technology work, and demonstrate their use cases in the world of dispute resolution. On completion of the course, participants received a professional certificate from the widely-respected MCIA.  Page 1 of the Professional Certificate Course on blockchain, smart contracts and online dispute resolution program Since its inception, MCIA has been spearheading its efforts in creating, supporting and promoting innovations in arbitration. This Certificate course in Blockchain and Smart Contract, in collaboration with Jur, was MCIA’s endeavour to draw on the latest innovations in the area of Legal tech to equip the arbitration professionals in these specialised skills. The course was very well attended and saw participation from senior professionals of the arbitration community. MCIA looks forward to hosting many more such courses in the future.Neeti Sachdeva, Secretary General and Registrar at Mumbai Centre For International Arbitration This is the first of Jur's initiatives that are meant for professionals. It has been built on the insights provided by the recent successful programs for students that were hosted by institutions such as Radboud University, IE University and University of Hull. After listening to lectures providing an overview of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the participants created their own smart legal contracts to represent traditional legal agreements with the guidance of the experts from Jur.  I am thrilled by the professional certificate course that we have put together with MCIA. These initiatives help spread awareness of blockchain and smart contracts in the legal industry and specifically in the ADR space. Thanks to our daily hands on experience we can provide practical knowledge that very few can offer so I am sure further educational activities of this sort will continue in the future.Luca Daniel, CTO at Jur Page 2 of the Professional Certificate Course on blockchain, smart contracts and online dispute resolution program Mumbai Centre expert Madhvendra Singh,  a chartered engineer, blockchain professional, senior member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and an international arbitrator facilitated the session. Jur team members Raffaele Battaglini, CLO, Luigi Cantisani, legal engineer, and Shuchi Tyagi, smart contract and blockchain developer, presented information. Jur CTO Luca Yesupatham Daniel moderated the final Q&A session with participants. There is a tremendous spurt in activity in the areas of Legal Tech and ODR in India. I see that major stakeholders in this sector, acknowledge the disruption that technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Smart Contracts are likely to bring, and therefore seek to learn about them. MCIA & Jur together have done a Yeoman service by curating such an intelligent training program for the professionals, and engagement by the participants of this maiden course is testament to that fact. We must endeavour to train, and facilitate professionals to grow, to be able to meet the challenges of the future.Madhvendra Singh, FCIArb, Chartered Engineer, Maritime Arbitrator Professionals participating in the course, such as arbitrators, future arbitrators and attorneys, learned about the latest technological developments that will shape the future of the legal industry and how these technologies will disrupt the legal profession. Get in contact if you wish to learn more about our professional courses or you wish to collaborate with us. We are developing the first multi-jurisdiction online dispute resolution platform, the Open Justice Platform. Learn more.