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New arbitrators are often faced with the problem of where to start. Options to grow one’s practice may be available, but getting access to them could be difficult. This is why some take their first steps in arbitration through digital platforms.

We’ve listed down three main ways on how digital arbitration can help new and emerging arbitrators gain a solid footing in the field.

New arbitrators get to network within an arbitration community 

Digital arbitration platforms provide new arbitrators with the avenue to network with like-minded individuals who also believe in the benefits of arbitration. The best part about this is new arbitrators can possibly network with a global community.

Networking could also mean more than just knowing an arbitrator by name, but knowing their abilities as well. Digital arbitration can provide systems wherein parties can review an arbitrator’s experience for a given dispute.

With this in mind, digital arbitration platforms can be a place for networking and doing business too. Novice arbitrators who may have trouble starting their careers can greatly benefit from features like this as these would directly impact their experience and practice.

New arbitrators get to grow their practice

Speaking of experience, digital arbitration gives new arbitrators a chance to grow their practice. Through a more simplified process to gain appointments, networking opportunities, and even world-class training, digital arbitration offers many ways for a new arbitrator to grow.

This is because digital arbitration breaks down barriers that often plague traditional arbitration. By using technology, new arbitrators from anywhere around the world are able to access best-in-class infrastructure which is often only available to those who are in countries with high arbitration adoption. 

As new arbitrators come in from all around the globe, best practices are shared and new arbitrators get to learn more. With this, the industry grows together with its practitioners.

Build a reputation as an arbitrator

Growth of practice translates to a better reputation as an arbitrator. Since digital arbitration makes growing one’s practice simpler, it also enhances a new arbitrator’s chance to create a name for themselves.

Building a solid reputation differs from one arbitrator to another. For some, it may take as short as 6 months, while for others even 10 years is not enough. With this in mind, it will be in a new arbitrator’s best interest to find ways to speed up their reputation building.

Building a reputation can also be subject to location. Those who are in places with high arbitration adoption say New York or Washington D.C. for instance, stand a better chance at becoming a leading expert. However, since digital arbitration breaks down geographical boundaries, competent arbitrators from anywhere can also build their reputations.

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