Jur launched the Jur Labs project in September 2022. As of November 1st, sixty-five citizens had already joined the Labs, and by doing so achieved Pioneer Citizen status and received stamps in their NFT passports. You are invited to join the community as we explore, learn, and find ways to teach others about the concept of the Network State and its precursor, Network Unions. 

Jur Labs are currently focused on discussing the Network State concept and the tools that will be needed to create Network Unions and eventually Network States. This concept is new to many people, and even the people who have been thinking about it the longest recognize that it is a new and evolving idea.

The Jur Labs concept itself was also conceived as something dynamic that can change and iteratively improve in response to observations about how users are interacting and direct suggestions from the community of pre-constitutional citizens. Jur Labs launched with a dozen different subject-specific channels. Based on the feedback from the community, Jur has consolidated the topic-specific channels into one channel so that everyone can participate and see what is going on in one place. The Jur Lab is currently focused on a new publication. 

Jur published the Network State Wiki in the final week of October, but it is far from finished. You are invited to participate and help co-author the next version. There will be many new discoveries, fresh ideas, and added nuance for all the topics and definitions related to the Network State. You can help shape the future that you want to live in, and perhaps earn some JUR tokens and professional recognition in the process. 

The team has already received and implemented suggestions for revisions and In the coming months, work on adding to and revising the Network State wiki will continue with Pioneer Citizens leading the way. 

Coming up next in Jur Labs, we will host a focus group to demonstrate a new feature for the Pre-Constitutional Citizenship NFT passport and share suggestions with the team.

Sign up here to get your passport if you don’t already have it.