Meet the Team: Natalie Lis, our Technology Tester

As a tech startup, the star of the show is the product Jur is developing to make justice more accessible to people. But before the Jur platform goes live, it must be first quality assessed for bugs and other troubleshooting concerns. 

We had a chat with our Technology Tester Natalie Lis to talk about the process of ensuring that the developed tech is working at its best capacity. 

Getting to know Natalie

Before Natalie got into Jur, she was a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in Bali, Indonesia and traveling in various locations in Southeast Asia, going beyond the waters’ surface—exploring the deep unknowns for around four and a half years. 

“I was traveling a lot—all over Southeast Asia, diving everywhere and doing the courses so that at some point I can become a diving instructor, and that brought me to Bali,” she says. 

Before she hopped on the plane to fly halfway across the world and be near the waters, Natalie was working in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Prior to that, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Philology in Poland, where she was born and raised. 

Delving into the arts, Natalie also enjoys dancing, watching movies, as well as painting. Taking a look into her Instagram page, @buleninja, one will be amazed by her creativity in creating life-like pieces on various media such as canvas and denim. 

There are also pictures on her page taken during her dives and other adventures featuring some wildlife underwater. 

Not everyone in tech is into tech

Having been a diving instructor for a while, Natalie has not had any tech experience prior to Jur. How she got into Jur was actually through Cezary—our Chief Technology Officer—as she was giving him diving lessons. 

She explained that all it took was Cezary handing him a copy of the product handbook and she was hooked with how logical the whole process was of creating and working on the platform. “I think it’s interesting how it works, it’s all logical, and you know why you do it and if you learn it, it will do something else,” expressed Natalie. Being an English Philology graduate, learning a new language is basically her cup of tea. 

As a technology tester, her task is to use the product and see if it is working the way it should, making sure that users who will be utilizing it will be able to achieve the intended output out of the platform. 

“The team created a beautiful code for the platform and it should work, and what I do is I play with it all the time and I’m trying to break it—trying to find its weakest points,” Natalie explains. 

Despite not having a tech background, she sees the process as a language to be learned, but just something that is not spoken. 

“Cezary took me because he wanted to have someone who has no experience with coding because people who are like that are more into technical things. So I end up finding more bugs because I bring a fresh perspective and experience the product as a user,” Natalie recalls as she explains how it is like working with a tech team who are dealing directly with the backend codes.

Working with Jur

Natalie feels at home with Jur, despite working remotely. With the work anywhere setup, she gets to enjoy her creative hobbies and explore places while still being able to connect with her team. 

“The work in our team is super fun. It is very flexible, people work whenever they can, but still, things are getting done. It is a friendly atmosphere, there are many meetings and some of them are very personal so that we don’t feel like robots.” 

Being a tech startup, there is much to do, and with that comes more people getting invited to join the team. Natalie mentions that she enjoys working with the people in Jur. “I like how we have a big team and we recruit people, and we try to find the best people. Everybody contributes so much,” she says. 

Natalie believes that what Jur is creating is important, with the world shifting into digital means. Jur aims to bring digital justice to people across the world to help them deal with their circumstances in the most convenient means possible. 

“Right now, everything is going to be digital in the next year, and now if there is nothing like a legal application, I think we are very good at doing it. If we’re the first in the market, it will be the best.” 

She highly recommends working with the tech team with its great and fun atmosphere, because she sees that she learns and experiences something new every day—and that for her is what makes Jur-work exciting. 

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