More about the Jur Scientific Committee: Interview with Diana Wallis

Jur values the research and validity of its products and services just as much as we value our community. We are lucky to have some of the most authoritative academics supporting us and are proud to share with you the conversations we have!

Let us introduce you to Diana Wallis, Former Vice President of the European Parliament.

We asked Diana Wallis why she joined Jur.

With her brilliant career and her actual position as Senior Lecturer at the University of Hull, it is an honour for us to count on her judgment over topics such as dispute resolution.

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“Initially for many years I was Head of Litigation in a London law firm, where my own speciality was cross-border litigation of all types. I later went on to spend 12 years as a Member of the European Parliament
where as a legislator I led on many files dealing with EU law and dispute resolution particularly in relation to an increasingly internet dominated world.”, says Diana, after we have asked her about her past life.

“Since leaving the Parliament I remained active in a number of European legal organisations, having been President of the European Law Institute for 4 years. I also have a post at my local university in Hull where I concentrate on ADR and Mediation, and European law. I work as a mediator and arbitrator.”

Why did you join the Jur Scientific Committee?

I had the pleasure to hear Raffaele Battaglini, speak about Jur at a conference in Lyon, I was so intrigued that I invited him to speak at a conference I was organising at the ERA, the European Law Academy. I was not disappointed and the more I heard about Jur the more I felt it fit with my own views.”

What do you see for the future of Jur?

“Cross border access to justice has always been my passion and looking
for different ways to achieve that.”

I do believe Jur has the possibility to offer that contemporary Lex Mercatoria which many of us had hoped the Internet might facilitate.

Diana Wallis, Former Vice President of the European Parliament

What is the potential behind Jur’s Beta Platform?

In terms of dispute resolution, Jur’s Open Layer [the dispute resolution mechanism behind the Jur Beta Platform] is the most exciting development; it goes beyond any traditional form of ODR and breaks new ground, there is huge potential to open this up to all sorts of disputes and to escape the old complexities of jurisdiction, applicable law and other procedural hurdles.

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