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Jur Introduces the Secure Commercial Agreements for Real Estate
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HKCY Hotels Ltd, Company selected Jur as trusted infrastructure partner for purchases of Cyprus real estate on the Vechain Thor blockchain. The Secure Commercial Agreements will grant a way to use blockchain in any commercial-related agreements, starting now with the first Real Estate use case. Read below. One of the core purposes of Jur is building the next stage of automated contracts for making any business relationship smoother for everyone. This process is done through the creation of the first marketplace of Secure Commercial Agreements on the blockchain. We are proud to announce that, while the dApp building phase goes on, we have managed to create a flow for the real estate industry, which will provide Jur with the experience and use cases for delivering fully automated solutions in real estate purchases. Jur is assisting HKCY Hotels Ltd, Company, building properties in Cyprus worth over EUR 160M, by developing the infrastructure to accept crypto payments and, at the same time, ensuring the safeness and legal compliance for the purchase procedure. The Dream Tower in Cyprus This is a solution for the VeChain ecosystem. Thanks to our business development team we secured up to a 5% discount from the property owners for buyers willing to purchase the property in VET. We are building an entire set of Secure Commercial Agreements for purchasing properties with a blockchain-based flow that manages the escrow and unlocks the money according to milestones achieved and audited by a third-party validator. In case of dispute, a pre-alpha version of the Court Layer will be used to provide a corruption-proof arbitration system for sound and quick justice. The Court Layers’ hubs in Cyprus Secure Commercial Agreements are Jur’s B2B solutions, which will be further developed in 2020. Are you ready to learn more about Secure Commercial Agreements by Jur?

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