Women at Jur Championing for Women in Tech

Empowering women in different industries has slowly gained traction in recent decades as women continue to thrive in their respective fields. In the wake of this movement, topics such as women empowerment have taken the headlines.

With tech being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, more women have been breaking ground in this dynamic environment. According to studies by Deloitte Global, the tech workforce is expected to be 33% female by 2022, with a continuous upward trend in the coming years.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked our empowered teammates here at Jur — Shuchi, Sonia, and Natalie — on their experiences as a woman in tech. 

Changing the landscape of the workforce

Natalia Lis, our Quality Analyst, says that women are now given better opportunities to excel, primarily with equal chances and access to education and landing jobs. 

She sees that women are also becoming business leaders nowadays, with others even starting and growing their own companies. 

Similarly, Shuchi Tyagi, our Technical Project Manager, says that there is better representation now than before, with companies becoming more conscious of gender bias, and crafting policies that are more inclusive, especially during the hiring process. 

Moreover, our Marketing Manager Sonia Kapoor says how flexible working options such as remote work benefit women in general, with one example being for mothers who can now build careers whilst spending time with their children. 

With her experience in Jur, Natalia describes that she feels more comfortable working in a tech company, despite not having a solid technical background. 

“I believe the industry is already letting me thrive. I can use my creativity in everyday tasks and the learning process never stops,” she explains.

Natalia is a gifted artist and now channels her artistry in our tech demonstrations, which are much-awaited by the team. Complicated scenarios which may arise during dispute resolution, are presented in a light-hearted way, which still explains the essence of Jur’s product.

She says that being in Jur also helped her gain basic knowledge in coding and using new tools and software related to the job. 

Shuchi also adds that there are now managers who evaluate employee’s performance more objectively — with gender-bias getting set aside. 

She hopes that more companies will adopt a culture that gives women more leeway to not be perfect and let them learn along the way. 

“I hope that checking bias becomes a cool thing. I believe that most people want to see women succeed, it’s just the lack of awareness of their biases that contribute to an environment which does the opposite.”

Having a level of freedom to express, learn, and adapt gives women more opportunities to continue thriving in such a competitive landscape. The tech industry itself must gear away from its gender bias and welcome innovative solutions brought by women who give a different perspective of how work could be done. 

Challenges women face in the workforce

Despite these welcome advancements, being a woman in tech is not without its challenges.

Sonia shares her journey towards finding her own voice in an environment where men, by virtue of being the majority, become more outspoken and confident. 

“My past experience working in the tech industry has made me realize that men are more outspoken and assertive, and establish their skills with much more confidence as a result,” she says. Being a minority as a woman in tech has surely helped Sonia build confidence and expand her skill set in order to make her mark and take up space — an experience and trait she’s currently doing as she leads Jur’s marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, Shuchi points out that women would want to be recognized for their technical skills, but sometimes, they are being viewed as their gender over their capacities.

“It’s difficult to show any vulnerability or take a chance at failing — you might never be taken seriously again which slows down your learning,” she says.  

With this, Shuchi shared that at some point, she found herself slowly starting to cope with her environment — talking and dressing like a man. However, she soon realized that her femininity has its own strengths to offer.

“As you grow up the ladder, the challenge is to maintain a balance between assertiveness and likability because the natural biases for both of them are mutually exclusive,” she reminds. 

Entering a space dominated by men could be challenging to most women, but personal resilience and being in a company such as Jur that encourages individuality and champions for accessibility helps in overcoming the challenges.

Message for other women to join the tech industry

These women continue to encourage others interested in tech or legal industry to take a leap of faith, as the world needs to see women’s talents that can make justice more accessible to all. 

Sonia says that the tech industry is all about innovation and change and women offer a unique point of view which some men might miss. Women may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced environment but women’s resilience could help them easily get back on track

“Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak out your ideas. The only way to make change happen is for more women to come forth with ideas and innovate.” 

– Sonia Kapoor

For Natalia, all it takes is the first step. Once women start putting themselves out there, opportunities will open up for them to explore their own creativity and feel satisfied with their contributions to making the world a better place. 

“I say go for it. You also have a chance to meet interesting people from around the world!”

– Natalia Lis

Shuchi continues to cheer women up and take that leap of faith towards a more gender-inclusive work environment that allows women to prosper, learn, and gain experience. She believes that women have the capacity to materialize the things they believe in as long as they believe in themselves first and live their truths along the way. 

“Tech needs you. There are millions of decisions and thousands of products that can only be made better with your input.”

– Shuchi Tyagi

Jur supports this call to empower women in the legal tech industry by opening more opportunities for women to thrive, speak out, and let their sparks shine bright. 

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