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Jur Company,
VQF monitored

Jur AG is a Swiss company based in Baar (Zug). Jur AG is a member of VQF SRO, a self-regulated organization authorized by FINMA to supervise its members’ compliance with AML regulations.

Current Stage: Building Phase

Jur is currently accepting contributions from strategic operators which can effectively support the Jur ecosystem in the legal tech field. If you believe you are able to support Jur due to your role and position, get in touch!

Token type: hybrid utility and payment token. FINMA non-action letter received

Jur received the FINMA non-action letter, recognizing the JUR token as a hybrid utility and payment token supporting the entire Jur ecosystem, including smart legal contracts, escrow, and dispute resolution.

Jur Transparency Program

As we are committed to enhancing the standards of transparency for the benefit of our contributors, Jur releases periodic market reports to ensure that everyone is updated regarding funds usage and Jur ecosystem's growth and expansion.

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