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Today medium-size disputes are not affordable

Imagine losing a delivery of a shipment of goods, and having to face the costs and loss of time required to resolve the dispute. Jur breaks down these barriers without lowering the quality of decisions thanks to innovative community hubs.

  • No ADRs targeting small size disputes that ensure quality at low cost
  • No processes to bring together top experts in a given field for the dispute analysis
  • Medium claims have slow and expensive resolution mechanisms
  • Fair decisions may arrive too late without substantial advantages for the parties
  • Have a community of experts decide your dispute for a low fee
  • Communities bring together top experts in a given subject matter
  • Get a fair, quick and high-quality resolution
  • Get justice done at a fraction of the cost



Pay a small fee for a service aimed at disputes that are usually handled with much higher costs.


A system of economic incentives and disincentives ensure fairness of the dispute resolution

Top Experts

Communities consist of top experts in a given subject. Select the community that best suits your dispute.


Start a community of experts and charge parties for access to dispute resolution.

Quick Resolution

The mechanism is designed to allow you to resolve micro size disputes in an average time of one week.

Small & Medium claims

Ideal for solving micro disputes. But nothing prevents the parties from using it for small and medium size disputes.

The Community Layer is the decentralized solution for

  • Smart legal contracts

  • Disputes requiring decisions by highly specialized experts

  • Third party platforms requiring very specific expertise

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