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Today’s arbitration is very inefficient

Imagine that your company has to resolve a dispute with another company and it is possible to do so from your office, with reduced time, cost and increased impartiality, compared to traditional arbitration

  • Send futile requests for payment
  • Spend from $10,000 to $100,000 or more
  • No accountability for judges and arbitrators
  • Wait a few years for real enforcement
  • Click to open the dispute on Jur
  • Cut all the unnecessary expenses
  • Reputation System and Peer Review
  • Have an enforceable decision in an average of 60 days

THE Jur Court Layer FEATURES


Thanks to a fully digital procedure, we cut the costs for arbitrators and proceedings, granting accessibility at the same time.

Completely Online

Do the entire procedure online, without leaving your office. No more trips to court, tons of snail-mail, letters, papers, and ink.

Not Corruptible

A blockchain-based algorithm ensures that the selection of the arbitrators is truly random making it non corruptible.

Fast & Easy

Close your dispute in an average of 60 days compared to over two years for traditional Courts. Select an arbitration hub and start.

Quality Guaranteed

Built-in reputation system and peer reviews evaluate experts and arbitrators in the network ensuring high-quality and fairness.

Full Legal Validity

Fully legally binding, in more than 150 Countries. Easily enforce the decision before the local judge.

Download technical PDF and understand all the details

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The Court Layer is the legally binding solution for:

  • Any paper-contract that includes an arbitration clause

  • Any smart legal contract that includes an arbitration clause

  • Any kind of digital agreements that includes an arbitration clause

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