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Today small-size disputes
often go unresolved

Jur provides a fast and free solution for both parties.
Resolve even micro and small disputes (e.g. $ 100)
where traditional online dispute resolution mechanisms would be too expensive to access.

  • No practical protection for events of small economic value
  • Complete uncertainty about compensation for damages
  • Micro claims do not have a suitable resolution mechanisms
  • There is no way to achieve a just and reasonable solution
  • Submit any events from any kind of contracts for free
  • Complete certainty thanks to the escrowed amount
  • Get a fair and quick resolution
  • Get justice done at no extra cost



Based on game theory and digital assets, the Open Layer provides dispute resolution without charging costs for the parties.


Any JUR Token holder can vote on the resolution proposals of the disputes submitted by the parties.

Fairness & Gamification

Economic incentives are given to fair and non-corrupted voters. Economic disincentives prevent speculation. Whale-attack proof.


Earn money thanks to your ability to judge, every day in small and medium disputes.

24 hours

The open layer system is built for working in short time-frame.

Micro & small claims

The only existing solution, ideal for microtransactions and small claims of any kind.

Download technical PDF and understand all the details

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The Open Layer is the
decentralized solution for:

  • Freelancers of any kind

  • Micro and small businesses transactions

  • Sharing economy platforms

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