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Access to Justice
is the first right for any
Modern Society

We believe that justice should be efficient and fair, which will improve business relations on a global scale. Justice for everyone means equal access to a quick and effective, incorruptible system for resolving conflict fairly, totally online.

The future of Justice is decentralized and more efficient.

Why Jur?

Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem for recording agreements and providing unbiased, swift and affordable resolutions for disputes over any kind and size of agreement on a global scale.

Easy and Affordable Justice
for Everyone

Do you have a problem with an agreement you made? With Jur's products you can open a dispute and get a fair resolution quickly.
A new system, built from scratch and designed to be accesible and easy to use. Jur offers a legally binding option in 166 Countries.

Say bye to expensive
and slow justice

Cut up to 80% of the time and 20% of the costs of a traditional dispute resolution, thanks to a fully digital procedure and automation of legal claims and judgments.

Make unbreakable

Create legally binding agreements on the blockchain quickly. Make one from scratch or choose from a selection of templates drafted by experts and secured by the Open Justice Platform in case dispute arises.

A System
you can trust

The system is corruption proof thanks to the adoption of blockchain, which ensures immutability and transparency, as well as automation of transactions and claims.

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Jur’s Features

In just three steps, Jur solves the problem of solving a dispute online and creating your own smart legal contract

Dispute Resolutions


Choose Jur in your dispute resolution clause in your smart legal contract or paper-based contract


Open and manage your dispute completely online


Agree with your counterparty to trigger your self-executing contract or resolve your disagreement with a legally binding enforceable decision in an easy and affordable way

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Smart Legal Contracts


Choose a customizable template or start composing a contract from scratch


Insert clauses and send notifications to the other party to agree on individual clauses


Digitally sign with the other party to activate your contract

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Media Coverage


Jur’s strategic partnerships support growth and adoption, especially in the fields of academics, law, and blockchain.

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