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$JUR Network Fees Distribution

Joining the vibrant Jur community and utilizing its innovative features carries a small price, payable in $JUR tokens. This applies to everyone - from individual users to dApps and parachains. Each transaction made within our network incurs a corresponding $JUR fee. For clarity and ease of understanding, we've broken these transaction fees down into four distinct, user-friendly categories:

20% Collator Fee
$JUR is used as a payment to collators for their work sustaining the infrastructure costs of running nodes and producing blocks.
20% Burn Fee
$JUR are used to incentivize usage of the network. Proportional to usage, the circulating supply of $JUR decreases over time, thus increasing the overall value for $JUR token holders.
40% Society Rewards Pool
$JUR are given as a reward to the most' active communities as an incentive to use Jur. It introduces a progressive force that shifts direct ownership of the network into the hands of the most effective users.
20% Jur Ecosystem Pool
$JUR are used to support Jur's protocol and ecosystem needs, including technical expenses, parachain bids, and growth-related initiatives.

Deflationary $JUR Policy

The $JUR token model is deflationary. Some parachains create new tokens to provide an additional incentive for collators on top of transaction fees. Jur pioneers a different approach where collators’ incentives will come from the transaction fee and the deflationary model built into the token model.

Initial Supply Of 1B $JUR

The initial $JUR token supply is set at 1 billion and each transaction carried out on the Jur Chain burns part of the fee effectively taking those tokens out of the available supply.

Collators Policy

Collators’ incentives will come from the transaction fee and the deflationary model built into the token model. Jur Chain derives its security from the Polkadot Relay Chain. Contrary to what one might think at first glance, having more Collators does not increase the security of the network.

Total Supply: 1B $JUR tokens

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