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Jur is the blockchain for Societies, Countries, and Network States.

Jur’s runtime offers a set of pallets that enable the creation of censorship-resistant communities which will mature into new societal constructs, such as Nations and States.  



Choose independent modules to use.



Each module has different variations of logics.



Interact with Jur Chain through cross-chain communication.



Connected to the Polkadot Relay Chain.


User Friendly:

Enjoy a set of easy-to-use dApps built on the Jur Chain.


Progressively Decentralized:

Jur Chain runtime will progressively be completely managed by $JUR token holders.

The Modular Network State Stack

Jur is building Pallets and modules for a wide range of governance functions. Pallets are "lower level" smart contracts that can't be changed unless the Governance of the chain allows an exception. The current architecture of the Jur Stack includes:

Community Module:
Create censorship-resistant communities, allow them to develop their own values and a common Ethos.
Treasury Module:
Create and manage on-chain treasuries, managed by committees.
Oracle Module:
Create expert committees that offer subjective assessments.
Dispute Resolution Modules:
Resolve disputes with your choice of methods, such as mediation, arbitration, or informal adjudication.
Trade Modules:
Exchange assets between different Societies and States.

Web3 plays a crucial role in redefining human organization of societies and Countries and creating new constructs to unlock human potential.

To date, no blockchain specializes in composable trustless coordination of advanced governance functions. The value of the Network State concept is to enable peaceful experimentation of different models at scale. Competition among startup societies cyclically creates 10x improvements. An infrastructure of composable modular building blocks is needed.

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Jur As A Parachain

As a Parachain Jur provides a number of modules in the DAO 2.0 spectrum that can be used by other parachains for a range of different cases, dispute resolution, simplified versions of Oracles, and augmenting governance functionalities. Jur can support communities in Dotsama on an evolutionary path to become societies and go beyond to establish nations. 

Use Cases:
  • Dispute resolution services for parachains
  • Oracles services for parachains
  • Simplified treasury governance services for parachains
  • Community management services for parachains

What’s next for the Jur Network?

Jur is on its way to create the comprehensive Network State Stack.

Finance: Create, govern, and maintain the finance of new Network States, from token issuance to public accountability tools.
Government: Create the governance model you prefer. Unlike DAOs, Network States will have forms of governance with different levels of centralization.
Legislative: Create, approve and maintain standards, rules and forms of rules in a decentralized and opt-in manner.
Interoperability: Enable tradability of assets and reputation across Network States.
Limited Liability Entities: Create Self Sovereign Limited Liability Identities that can be used for ensuring trust in commercial relationships in pseudonymous environments.
Reciprocity: Create systems of support to members and their family when they ask for help, with a dedicated pot and a committee of managers.
Insurance: Create forms of insurance for covering risks for societies' citizens.
Services: Offer services for citizens in a trustless way, managing public expenditure on-chain.
Nesting: Nest Network States on top of others, in a modular way.