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The blockchain backbone of incredible Startup Societies and Network States.

Our operating framework provides a suite of modules that facilitate the formation of communities, impervious to censorship, some of which will evolve into modern societal structures like Network States.

Our networks are:



Have granular control over every aspect.



Create and customise to suit your needs.



Connect with multiple systems fast and fluidly.



Safely connected to the Polkadot Relay Chain.


User Friendly:

Enjoy a set of dedicated dApps built on the Jur Chain.


Progressively Decentralised:

Runtime management will progressively be controlled by $JUR token holders.

The Modular Network State Stack

Jur’s pallets and modules are specifically designed to carry out a range of governance-related functions. Pallets act as the bedrock that forms the basis of smart contracts. They are immutable without governance authorization, robust, and flexible - giving unparalleled autonomy to decentralised organisations.

The architecture of the Jur Stack includes:

Community Module:
Create censorship-resistant communities.
Treasury Module:
Manage on-chain treasuries with committees.
Oracle Module:
Experts who offer subjective assessments.
Dispute Resolution Modules:
Resolve disputes with mediation, arbitration, or adjudication.
Trade Modules:
Exchange assets between different Societies.

Because change is needed. Current systems of governance are biased, unfair, centralised, and favour a select few rather than a collective whole.

But there is another, better way. Achieved through the power of Web3 technology.
Blockchains allow for composable trustless coordination of advanced governance functions, enabling the peaceful experimentation of different Network State models at scale. Statistics show that competition among startup societies cyclically creates over 1000% improvements in all comparable metrics. All that is needed is an infrastructure of composable modular building blocks to facilitate adoption and growth on a mass scale.

That’s where we come in.


Operating as a Solochain, Jur will offer several modules that can be utilised by parachains for a variety of applications. Jur is fully equipped to assist communities within Dotsama on their journey of evolution from simple groups to more complex societies – and potentially – full-fledge nations.

Use Cases:
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Oracles
  • Treasury
  • Community Management

What’s next for the Jur Network?

Jur is on its way to create the comprehensive Network State Stack.

Finance: Create, govern, and maintain the finance of new Network States, from token issuance to accountability tools for public expenditures.
Governance: Unlike DAOs, Startup Societies can have forms of governance with different levels of centralization.
Legislative: Create, approve, and maintain the cultural DNA of your society.
Interoperability: Trade of assets and bring your reputation with you across societies you're a member of.
Self Sovereign Limited Liability Identities: Ensure trust in pseudonymous commercial agreements.
Reciprocity: Create systems of support to members with a dedicated pot and a committee.
Insurance: Cover risk and protect citizens.