Jur AG (“Jur”) is publishing quarterly Jur Market Reports providing regular updates on the state of the market. This includes partnerships, institutional strategies, and relevant JUR token-related announcements.

Jur, being a responsible stakeholder and a JUR token holder, has chosen to be transparent about its token management to keep the community and other contributors informeJur, being a responsible stakeholder and a JUR token holder, has chosen to be transparent about its token management to keep the community and other contributors informed.

The current report refers to Q1 ’20 (January 2020 — March 2020).

From the next Jur Market Report, the publishing date will be 10 working days after the end of the quarter to be reviewed. This decision has been made to allow the team to review the last days of operations before finalizing the report.

A note on COVID-19

Given the current global scenario caused by COVID-19, the entire Jur team has shifted towards remote working since the beginning of the outbreak.

Jur has intensified focus on tech development and postponed announcements and commercial operations.

Jur changed the strategy due to the circumstances, keeping the tech development activities as a core activity for Q2 ’20 and community activities that can be carried out remotely.

On this topic, further communication will follow on the official communication channels of Jur. These elements will be reported in the future Jur Market Report #3 which will be due on 10th July 2020.

With the aim of ensuring a reliable future to the project, guaranteeing a progressive growth of the ecosystem, Jur is still evaluating to extend the locking period of the core team and some amount of tokens regarding the business development, tech, and operations. Please find below the main updates.

Private contributors

The first release for private contributors has been issued as per the policy described in Jur Market Report #0.

Jur distributed funds to all the contributors that have replied to the official communication sent for the purpose.

For all the private contributors that are eligible to the distribution but did not reply to that communication please reach out through Jur’s official channels.

Team Distribution

The team voluntarily decided to extend its lock up period which ended on the 28th of Feb 2020 as per Jur Market Report #0.

Tokens have been locked up for another 12 months to support the ecosystem’s growth.

Team Bonus Policy

From June ’20 onwards each team member in Jur will be awarded a bonus in JUR tokens according to its KPIs and the ability to grow the project and make it successful. These tokens will be locked for 36 months starting from the month after which the activity is done and a maturation period of 12 months which is established for ensuring a win-win outlook, fair for both the team member and the project.

Expenditure Report

In the past quarter, Jur has used a very small amount of JUR tokens equivalent to 125,423.00 in order to sustain operations related to the Lab for New Justice. This amount is equal to 1328,48 USD (ex. rate at the time of payment 0,010592 USD per 1 JUR).

A correction regarding the figure stated on Jur Market Report #1. The JUR Tokens distributed for the bounties have been 1.233.812,59 JUR instead of 1.223.463,59 JUR. This brings the balance for wallet 0x747fa3858456f3978cc747ca4290111b933986d5 at the end of Q4 ’19 at 493.539.001,31 JUR instead of 493.549.350,31 JUR as wrongly stated in the past report. We apologize for this mistake.

Jur Wallets

For providing direct accountability over the vesting period in place, Jur publicly shares information about its wallets as follows:

IEO supply: 10% of total supply

Old Balance: –
Current Balance: –
Transactions IDs:



Private Contributors: 10% of total supply

Old Balance: 100.000.000
Current Balance: 80.854.516,28
Wallet IDs: 0xc01b26cd4b9525ad1b67a54fad53a8bff91ae01d

Team, Scientific Committee and Advisors: 10% of total supply

Old Balance: 100.000.000
Current Balance: 100.000.000
Wallet IDs: 0xf346f1ab880d5b2cd0333bf69c280a732fa4a1c4

Company Reserve: 20% of total supply

Old Balance: 200.000.000
Current Balance: 200.000.000
Wallet IDs: 0x5d7fe18beff1c4f16115cb8cfcd87442a89d9278

Business Development, Tech & Operations: 50% of total supply

Old Balance: 493.539.001,31
Current Balance: 493.413.578,31
Wallet IDs: 0x747fa3858456f3978cc747ca4290111b933986d5

Recent Highlights

Find below a list of highlights from the past quarter.

NOTE: before the eruption of COVID-19, Jur was scheduling a number of events, masterclasses and meetings for educating the community about the uses of the Jur Platform and for networking purposes. After the worldwide emergency, events have been cancelled, masterclass and business announcements have been postponed.

  • Jur Introduces the Secure Commercial Agreements for Real Estate in Cyprus, with Vechain, 15 January 2020
  • MTM Suhail hired as the lead for backend development
  • Launch of the Lab For New Justice, Hull University, UK, 10 February 2020
  • Launch of the Lab For New Justice — IE University, Spain, 18 February 2020
  • Lab For New Justice at Pavia University Italy, 24 February 2020
  • Conclusion of Lab For New Justice — Radboud, 11 March 2020
  • Matija Kontak will be the first internee of the Jur Internship program, 12 March 2020