Jur AG (“Jur“) publishes quarterly Jur Market Reports providing regular updates on the state of the market. This includes partnerships, institutional strategies, and relevant JUR token-related announcements.

Jur, being a responsible stakeholder and a JUR token holder, chooses to be transparent about its token management to keep the community and other contributors informed.

The current report covers Q3 ‘22 (July 2022 – September 2022). 

Market reports are published within 10 days of the end of the quarter in review to accommodate events that happened in the last days of the quarter.

Q3 2022 Highlights

The Jur community continued to expand, reaching over 2,500 citizens who are now holding Jur NFT passports. At the same time, the passports themselves expanded; the development team added stampable pages. These pages can hold stamps that act as virtual passes to enter exclusive channels and badges awarded to recognise contributions to the Jur community. These stamps are now functioning for a new type of Jur community forum, Jur Labs. 

Jur has created a feature rich environment on Discord that includes the new Jur Labs. Jur Labs are a place for pioneer citizens to help lead the project with user- focused product discovery and discussions of key tech tools and best practices that network unions and network states will need. To enter, Jur Citizens authenticate their NFT passports with Metamask. They can then apply to join labs with topics that interest them. Inside the lab, citizens ask and answer questions about what is needed for new forms of government. Bots are already deployed to manage processes and facilitate scaling. 

The team continued the work related to substrate-based chain. The design and development of two pallets took place over the quarter. These activities will be presented and discussed with the community in Q4.   

Private contributors

In the past quarters Jur has issued JUR Tokens as per the policy described in Jur Market Report #0.

Jur did not distribute any tokens in Q3 ‘22.

Jur has negotiated with remaining private contributors to postpone token distribution in a common effort to improve liquidity in the secondary market and support the future project’s growth.

Company Reserve

Despite the statement contained in Jur Market Report #0, Jur has not yet defined a detailed plan of usage for tokens contained in the Company Reserve wallet. Until further notice, these funds are locked up indefinitely.

Expenditure Report

In the past quarter, Jur did not use JUR tokens to sustain its operations, nor were any transfers of $JUR made to private investors.

Jur Wallets

To provide direct accountability over the established vesting period, Jur publicly shares information about its wallets.

TypeInitial SupplyOld BalanceCurrent BalanceAddress
IEO 10%100,000,0000Transactions IDs: 0x5f849b62ffdd2b3beea298f4e1c0dc38974b1c9aab20d00afa3dd306d0217401
Private Contributors10%18,763,774.1018,763,774.100xc01b26cd4b9525ad1b67a54fad53a8bff91ae01d
Team, Scientific Committee and Advisors10%100,000,000100,000,0000xf346f1ab880d5b2cd0333bf69c280a732fa4a1c4
Company Reserve20%200,000,000200,000,0000x5d7fe18beff1c4f16115cb8cfcd87442a89d9278
Business Development, Tech & Operations50%417,904,133.72417,904,133.720x747fa3858456f3978cc747ca4290111b933986d5

Recent Highlights

Here are the highlights from the past quarter.

  • 2,500+ citizens are holding the Pre-Constitutional NFT passport, and Jur has begun issuing NFT stamps on the pages within the passport as contributor rewards and recognition badges.
  • Jur advanced in developing its new Substrate-based chain. System design of the entire protocol has kickstarted. In parallel the development of a dispute resolution POC and the first pallets that will enable the creation of Web3 Societies is ongoing.
  • Jur activated the community through a Jur Labs initiative where contributors engage in product discovery activities on key web3 topics; we released specialised Discord features for this community experiment, including:
    • Metamask authenticated, NFT passport gated private channels.
    • A BOT that dynamically assigns roles to applicants for access into the Jur Labs.