Jur AG (“Jur”), a responsible stakeholder and $JUR token holder, has always chosen to be transparent about token management to keep the community and contributors informed. This is the final quarterly Market Report. A summary document will be provided in the near future alongside further resources that will support the Jur Community through the decentralisation process.

Jur utilized this platform since September 2019 to share news about products, partnerships, and strategies, as well as notice of $JUR token distribution, in a total of 18 market report editions.

Market Reports have been published within 10 days of the end of the quarter to accommodate recent quarterly events.

Q4 2023 Highlights


  • Jur Society dApp gets rebranded to NationX. Chosen by the community, NationX represents our bold and revamped approach to on-chain communities. 
  • New exciting features have been added to the NationX dApp to enhance on-chain community experience:
    • Founders will be able to add custom community links to their society portal so that users can discover other online experiences that the society wants to share.
    • Founders can provide a YouTube video link which will automatically play in a modal the first time a user navigates to their society portal.
    • Badges are a great Web3 tool that can be used to build reputation among community members and set custom benchmarks for engagement, contributions, and recognition. Members can collect their badges and display their loyalty to a society. 
    • Analytics Dashboard for real-time graphs and customizable filters. 
    • A Citizen Map displays members’ location on a map along with other members within each society. 
    • Activity Feed gives a unique view into the daily member activity in a society. Each on-chain action is simply stated in the Activity Feed in rich, dynamic text and, when available, includes visuals such as new passport avatars and badges. Bounties for founders to optimize workload distribution, and for members to build their on-chain reputation by contributing to tasks and earning badges.

Community & Publications

  • Jur CTO Alessio Treglia along with Vikram Bharati, founder of Draper Startup House were featured in a Cointelegraph interview to discuss “Network States” and their impact on governance.
  • Draper Nation’s Season 1 goes live leveraging Jur Network for badges, proposals, and citizen engagement on the NationX dApp. 

Events & Acknowledgements

Private Contributors

In the past quarters Jur has issued JUR Tokens as per the policy described in Jur Market Report #0. Jur did not distribute any tokens to private contributors in Q4 ‘23.

Company Reserve

The amount originally allocated to the company reserve hasn’t been used since Jur’s inception. Given the company’s dissolution as per the decentralisation plan these funds will be flowing in the future Jur Community treasury so that the community can decide their best allocation to foster the growth of the network.

Expenditure Report

Jur has undertaken a few expenses over the past quarter, the most significant related to fulfilling previous agreements. All expenses (77.459.346,67 JUR) were related to the Business Development, Tech & Operations wallet. 

Here is the breakdown of these transactions:

  • 75.000.000,06 JUR first installments transferred after the expiration of the locking period in light of the strategic partnership announced here.
    • 200 JUR test transactions were sent in the Q3 but were not included in the previous market report as they happened after the draft for the report had been finalised
  • 2.037.897,66 JUR external consultancy on Jur Chain infrastructure and validators onboarding
  • 372.948,95 JUR market liquidity services
  • 47.500 JUR marketing campaign distributions
    • 7.500 JUR were sent in the Q3 but were not included in the previous market report as they happened after the draft for the report had been finalised
  • 1.000 JUR to support technical costs for passports migration

Jur Treasury

Jur announces the creation of the Jur Treasury that will be managed by the Jur Community in a decentralised fashion through OpenGov.

A detailed summary of the $JUR inflow that will fund the Treasury will be provided by the end of the month and will contain details of remaining liabilities and their vesting schedule. All $JUR tokens remaining after all liabilities have been fulfilled will be sent to the Jur Treasury.

Jur Wallets

Jur publicly shares information about its wallets to be transparent and accountable for the established vesting period.

All Jur wallets have been swapped from VeChain to Jur Chain and the table at the end of this report showcases the mapping between old and new wallets.

As a reminder to all $JUR token holders, the token swap dApp will be available until the 30th Jan 2024. Please swap your tokens before this deadline. A software that processes swaps faster has been running on a daily basis to make this process smoother and it will run until the 30th Jan 2024.


In light of the decentralisation plan announced on 21st Dec 2023 Jur has decided not to split tokens as per the new tokenomics but instead keeping the older allocation. This simplification eases accounting and reporting so that $JUR token holders do not get lost in the split of the historical wallets into several new ones on the solochain. The end result is a clear 1-to-1 mapping between VeChain wallets and Jur Chain wallets.

Moreover, this decision will significantly simplify the future transfer of leftover tokens to the Jur Community treasury that will be enabled with the decentralised governance. 

TypeInitial SupplyPreviousBalanceCurrent BalanceVeChain AddressJur ChainAddress
IEO 10%100,000,0000Transactions IDs: 0x5f849b62ffdd2b3beea298f4e1c0dc38974b1c9aab20d00afa3dd306d0217401
Private Contributors10%18,763,774.1018,763,774.100xc01b26cd4b9525ad1b67a54fad53a8bff91ae01d5CJFFHGudizjXB4dadZsjwSiLct6dqNR7msvJ3AQZWzM222T
Team, Scientific Committee and Advisors10%100,000,000100,000,0000xf346f1ab880d5b2cd0333bf69c280a732fa4a1c45H1pgRUzi5ZFGyUbvhpLuXhaRjhVgoS5XkzJnZfmgePGZ89v
Company Reserve20%200,000,000200,000,0000x5d7fe18beff1c4f16115cb8cfcd87442a89d92785DJi73cmVyqTtSBjTmUTbkwvd2wKoXrxqutbjJxRn4xiENaa
Business. Development, Tech & Operations50%397,803,313.72320,343,967.050x747fa3858456f3978cc747ca4290111b933986d55CaD73RjhiXVFJLo2ELA6MAYdJxoPdmiWw31BtBJaR3zuaH7