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How we solve the Justice problem

Open Justice Platform

Resolve disputes online and save 80% of the time and 20% of the costs of the conventional dispute resolution. If you are a professional or a small and medium enterprise, the Open Justice Platform is the answer for resolving conflicts and settling disputes efficiently from the convenience of your laptop. Our platform allows for a completely online procedure that delivers a legally binding resolution that can be enforced. Try out our Justice Card to get an idea of the impact of our mission.

Micro Justice - R&D

We are committed to resolving the Justice problem at any level of disputes, even micro claims that currently do not have a proper resolution method. With our Open Layer and Community Layer, we are researching, testing and validating feasible ways in which micro claims (< 500 USD) can be resolved. We are currently testing the Open Layer with our partner universities and you can access a public beta here. Please keep in mind that these solutions are some of the most advanced research in the field. They are work in progress and should be treated as such.

Jur Editor

The Jur Editor will allow users to create contracts completely online, complete with a dispute resolution clause allowing parties to resolve their disputes completely online with a legally binding method. This product will also allow you to draft settlements and come to a mutually agreeable resolution without having to go through a judgement process, saving time and money.

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