The use of distributed ledger technology in Bitcoin’s approach to providing money without a central authority has inspired people to look for other ways to decentralise. The Network state concept arises from dissatisfaction with the current location-bound, central authority of nation states and a desire to provide a model that provides citizens a better way to organise and participate.

Modern nation states have complex rules that developed over time to serve many purposes and many masters. While the mechanism for producing these rules is often nominally democratic, the cumulative results do not necessarily reflect the needs and desires of modern citizens. Moreover, the internet and blockchain technology create countless opportunities for cooperation across borders but nation state governments hinder these global possibilities as often as they help.

But what if there was a set of rules designed to facilitate orderly global cooperation that was created, maintained, and enforced by a network of peers? We can create networks that operate through distributed ledger technology using tokens to offer an auditable way to participate without having to trust a central entity. And we can build a network that offers a system for creating, adopting, and enforcing rules as well as feature for identifying citizens. People can choose to opt into such a system, create a citizen identity on the blockchain, and agree to abide by enforceable rules. These citizens can enter into contracts and enforce them through dispute resolution processes if the need arises. This network that delivers governance could even seek to crowdfund movements to create free enterprise zones within existing nation states where their citizens could live under opt-in rules. We could call this combination of a social network of people, blockchain technology, and intent to self-govern a Network State.

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