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Zug, 19th August 2019

Jur is pleased to announce Fenbushi Capital, the first and most prestigious blockchain-focused venture capital firm in China, has made a significant investment in Jur.

We are happy to be part of their portfolio of selected investments together with huge brands from the blockchain industry.

The Shanghai-based Fenbushi Capital is one of the first venture capital funds to focus on investment in blockchain-based companies. Leveraging its vast network of partners and projects, Fenbushi is capable of identifying projects that bring its vision of a blockchain-enabled future to life.

With its experience in both traditional finance and the blockchain industry, Fenbushi Capital hopes to bring more transparency, efficiency, and robustness to the global economy.

“We are excited to have closed this deal with one of the most authoritative VCs in the blockchain world, and one that is notoriously selective. 

says Alessandro Palombo, CEO

Representing their first investment in legal technology also allows us to write a page of history for blockchain-based investments and we are proud of that. I’m sure that this collaboration will allow us to produce significant results in the near future,” – he remarks.

“We are thrilled with this deal and we identify with the importance of providing solutions that leverage blockchain and legal in the right way to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology by companies.

says Fenbushi Capital

“We are happy to support Jur as a first investment in the legal tech industry and its future. It is essential to work in this direction with a good team,” – they remark.

This investment will play a major role in enhancing Jur’s Smart Legal Contract and dispute resolution platform as they move to the next phase of development.

About Fenbushi Capital

Fenbushi Capital is the first China-based venture capital firm that invests exclusively in Blockchain-based companies. Its mission is to accelerate the unstoppable future of the blockchain economy. Fenbushi Capital has invested in over 50 high-quality blockchain projects worldwide, aiming to bring more transparency, efficiency, and robustness into the global economy.

About Jur

Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing revolutionary trust solutions in the legal and justice industries for any business-related circumstances. Jur’s unique set of tools allow anyone to create contracts and resolve disputes online, in a fast, easy, affordable, and incorruptible way.

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