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Law Faculty Radboud University to join as Academic Partner for the Lab For New Justice Program
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Zug, August 2019 We are pleased to confirm the Faculty of Law of Radboud University Nijmegen as first Academic Partner to carry out tests on smart legal contract creation and dispute resolution according to the Open Layer model in the Jur Beta Platform, thanks to Prof. André Janssen and Assistant Professor Pietro Ortolani. The Radboud University We are pleased to start the process with Radboud University and Prof. Janssen and Dr. Ortolani, both members of our Scientific Committee. Alessandro Palombo, CEO of Jur "We believe in the value of involving students in the application of new technologies in a two-way perspective: giving and receiving feedback from those who will write in the near future, the new generations, is fundamental for us. Prof. Janssen and Dr. Ortolani have been amazing, showing a sensitive proactivity and we can’t wait to start this journey together” - he remarks. Professor Jannsen We are happy to be involved in a cutting edge technology at the moment of its inception. Law scenario will change sensibly in the near future, and we believe in the importance to start doing that from the Faculties of Law. Professor Janssen "At Radboud University, a Lab on Legal Tech is about to be. In the space, everyone has been talking about smart legal contract for some time, and finally we see a concrete example with Jur. We are thrilled to start this journey together with Alessandro and the Jur Team” - He concludes. The Open Layer is a decentralized Online Dispute Resolution system (dODR) for dealing with micro-justice. It is built upon blockchain and uses crowd-based algorithms. It will be possible for any JUR token holder to vote upon anyone’s disputes on the platform. Anyone can create contracts on the platform, which is meant for professionals of any kind. The Open Layer is meant to be used by the community and with the tests carried out at universities such as Radboud we aim to create a perfected system for the average use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exH9rlBN8M0 About Radboud University and the Faculty of Law Radboud University (Dutch: Radboud Universiteit) is a public university with a strong focus on research located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was established in 1923 and is situated in the oldest city of the Netherlands. The Radboud University has seven faculties and enrols over 22,000 students. The Research & Business Law Centre (OOR) of the Radboud faculty of law cooperates closely with — and advises — external partners such as civil law notary offices and law firms, financial organisations, international businesses, courts, governmental bodies, ministries, NGOs and European organisations. Publications, such as professional journal papers and case notes, are written with a view to the legal practice. About Prof. Andrè Janssen Janssen is Chair Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Law of Radboud University. Before he has held positions at the City University Hong Kong and at the Universities of Bayreuth, Göttingen, and Münster in Germany. He is the co-chief editor of the European Review of Private Law (ERPL) and has published more than 130 books and articles, in the last years especially on the legal aspects of smart contracts and legal tech in general. About Jur Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing revolutionary trust solution in legal and justice industry in any business-related circumstances. Jur’s unique set of tools enable anyone to create contracts and resolve disputes online, in a fast, easy, affordable and incorruptible way. Jump in the conversation:

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The Lab For New Justice is Born: Radboud University & Jur To Open The First Set of Tests on the Jur Beta Platform
Radboud University and Jur have strengthened their roles as pioneers in the LegalTech industry with the partnership now underway. This is the first step of the Lab For New Justice, the program launched by Jur to test the assumptions behind the Jur Beta Platform — in particular, the game theory that enables the disputes over contracts created on the platform to be resolved in no time, thanks to economical incentives over a community of voters. The Lab for New Justice represents an exceptional diamond in the blockchain industry and the first step, taken with the Radboud University, will be soon followed by many other universities. The path to a new justice is long, but the academic response is huge, and the Lab initiative is bound to produce spectacular results. The entire Jur team is looking forward to seeing what kind of insights will soon be gathered by the testing phase of the Jur Beta Platform. For this first step, The Faculty of Law of Radboud University Nijmegenhas just started to invite their law students to take part in the program. Participating students will be competing for a paid internship with Jur, as well as other token incentives. Read more here Overseeing this noteworthy testing process is Dr. Pietro Ortolani, Assistant Professor of Private Law at the University, alongside the supervision of Professor Janssen, which is appointed as a member of Jur’s Scientific Commitee. Pietro specializes in international arbitration and transnational dispute resolution. He graduated with a law degree from the University of Pisa, and holds a Ph.D. in arbitration from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome. He will be present throughout the entire process, to provide expert guidance as both a teacher and course manager. The Radboud team will work closely with Jur’s Legal Engineer Luigi Cantisani, which will officially lead the direction of the Lab for New Justice from Jur’s team. In Cantisani’s words, “The Lab for New Justice is an initiative open to undergraduate and post-graduate students to bring the Jur Beta Platform into university classrooms. Luigi Cantisani, Legal Engineer at Jur "Thanks to this project, the university world has the opportunity to grow by touching with its own hands a platform for the creation of smart legal agreements and ODR. On the other side, Jur and the Platform have the opportunity to grow as well, thanks to the tests carried out in the classroom and the final reports written by participants" - he concludes. Jur’s legal engineer summarized it nicely by describing it as “Students, lecturers, lawyers, computer scientists and entrepreneurs united to innovate justice and the legal tech sector.” Also participating is Jur’s newest team member, Michele D’Asaro. Michele was originally trained as a physicist, before going to drift his interests towards complex systems and machine learning, obtaining a research masters in Computational Neuroscience. Now focusing his efforts on the interface of Philosophy, Science and Technology, he will support the Lab for New Justice from an academic and research perspective. Radboud UniversityThe latest Tweets from Radboud University (@Radboud_Uni). We want to contribute to a free and healthy world with equal…twitter.com Now follow the Radboud University’s Twitter if you didn’t already! With applications open, the Lab for New Justice has procured a classroom and has begun finalizing the calendar of meetings with Radboud University. A conference call was just completed on October 21 to test the equipment and ensure that everything is functioning correctly. Jur is also completing upgrades to their website landing page to reflect the exciting progress. Jur and the Lab for New Justice are extremely pleased with the progress to date. As we push the boundaries of what blockchain and LegalTech can accomplish, we are extremely grateful to have proficient leadership from experts such as Pietro, Michele, Luigi, and the Faculty of Law at Radboud University. Do you want to follow all the updates about Jur?
IE University in Spain to join hands with Jur and the Lab For New Justice by Launching the ‘Smart Contract Competition’
After the first edition at Radboud University Faculty of Law, Nijmegen, and immediately following the beginning of the Lab for New Justice at Hull University, Jur is launching the ‘Smart Contract Competition’ with IE University, in Segovia (Spain). Students from the acclaimed private University in Spain will be able to work hands-on in the creation of smart legal contracts and experience the entire flow of Jur’s online dispute resolution system. IE University, Spain The competition will be held starting from the 18th of February 2020, over four dates, lead by professor Francisco de Elizalde, full-time Professor at IE University, Law School: Day 1 — Tuesday, 18th FebruaryDay 2 — Tuesday, 25th FebruaryDay 3 — Tuesday, 24th March // date updatedDay 4 — Tuesday, 31st March // date updated The four meetings will take a deep dive into the main concepts and practice of dealing with ODR — Online Dispute Resolution systems — on the blockchain. Luigi Cantisani, legal engineer, and Michele D’Asaro, R&D will lead the meetings at IE University and will touch topics widely ranging from blockchain, use of smart contracts and game theory, which is the underlying framework for the Jur Beta Platform’s dispute resolution system. The poster used by the IE University to call for the Smart Contract Competition The Lab for New Justice’s educational offer has been welcomed, with IE University by the third university in Europe now, after Radboud’s Faculty of Law and Hull’s Business and Law department began leading the way. Jur’s team is extremely honoured for having aroused such interest in the Academic sector; an important step towards a scientific approach in the development of the decentralized legal app (dApp) by Jur. “The Smart contracts competition entails a unique opportunity to instil in our students the skills that lawyers will require to succeed in a highly-developed technological environment. Professor Francisco de Elizalde, full-time Professor at IE University, Law School A hands-on experience on smart contracts and blockchain technology will also enhance a normative reflection on how law and technology should interact” — Professor Francisco de Elizalde, full-time Professor at IE University, Law School - he concludes. Francisco De Elizalde | IE UniversityFrancisco de Elizalde is a full-time Professor at IE University, Law School. He focuses on Private Law, especially…www.ie.edu Smart legal contracts enable a more efficient and transparent relationship between parties. In Jur, we try to bring contracts to life automating core clauses ensuring they become auditable and as self-enforceable as possibleLuca Daniel, CTO of Jur The Lab For New Justice is the initiative held by Jur to research over the dispute resolution methods and carry out testing on the Jur Beta Platform. Jur is currently releasing the second edition, after the first was carried at Radboud University, Nijmegen, under the supervision of Profs. Andre Janssen and Pietro Ortolani. IE University offers a technology-based learning ecosystem for people who make a difference in the world through innovation, global vision, an entrepreneurial mentality and a unique focus on the humanities. IE University has a staff of more than 500 professors who currently teach university diplomas, master, doctoral, and training programmes and executive training to students in 131 countries. The platform of over 60,000 alumni of IE University is located in 165 countries. Professor Francisco de Elizalde, which leads the Smart Contract Competition at IE University, is a full-time Professor at IE University, Law School. He focuses on Private Law, especially Contracts and the Law of Property. He is a permanent Visiting Professor at Koç University (Turkey) and has lectured as visiting at City University of Hong Kong, FGV Sao Paulo (Brazil) and the Law Schools Global League. Do you want to follow all the updates about Jur?