Are you thinking of becoming a citizen? The new jurisdiction for the digital economy just entered the Pre-Constitutional phase and Jur is issuing free NFT passports for those who wish to support, participate in and contribute to the Network State constitution. 

Jur supporters already understand the need to redefine a new jurisdiction for the digital economy. Web3 visionaries, futurists, token holders, blockchain users, and frustrated citizens of conventional nation-states are all invited to join. 

Citizens of the pre-constitutional phase, it’s time to assemble to embark on a societal experiment to rewrite the rules of governance and build a better, alternative form of government to serve our collective needs in the future. 

Citizens will be the bedrock of the network state. Your belief in innovation is just the beginning– Jur needs citizens who desire to contribute to the new constitution and governance system of the internet of tomorrow. Together we will discover how a network state in Web3 will re-structure society.

Own an NFT passport that will be forever a memory of your early contribution to Jur. The pages in your passport unlock private events, stamps, and stickers. Pre-Constitutional citizenship is open to all and anyone can mint an NFT passport and join.


How can I become a Jur citizen?

Every human being can become a citizen of the pre-constitutional stage, free and, if desired, anonymously. To become a Jur Citizen, enter your wallet address to receive an NFT passport. Although future initiatives may require holding JUR tokens, this initiative is open to anyone today whether they own $JUR or not. Jur aims to encourage widespread participation in this pre-constitutional phase. 

What can Jur citizens do with their passports? 

The passport is an NFT memento of Jur Network State history; the passport will forever represent the history of its holder’s support, which soon will be enhanced with passport stamps and stickers for event attendance and participation.

Do I need $JUR tokens to become a citizen in the pre-constitutional phase? 

To make the initiative as open as possible, participation in this phase does not require the possession of JUR tokens. In later phases, voting and staking programs will require the use of $JUR tokens.

Can I participate anonymously? 

Yes, certainly. To receive the NFT passport you just need to have an Etherium wallet and an email address. 

Will I vote using the passport?

This passport is a certificate of participation in a precise pre-constitutional historical moment. As soon as the infrastructure is ready, you will be able to vote using JUR tokens.

I own $JUR. Do I get something special?

Stay tuned. Special surprises will be reserved for token holders. 

How can I upgrade my passport?  

With a retweet, you can show your active support of Jur on Twitter and receive an upgrade: a passport that contains pages on which you can inscribe stamps and stickers based on the initiatives in which you participate.