The Web3 community has been energised by the Network State concept. A bright future beckons, but it will take a lot of effort and experimentation to move from network society to network union and on to network archipelago and eventual recognition as a network state.

Introducing Jur Labs, a forum for people who want to help create a better future with a new form of decentralised opt-in governance to come together and discuss their ideas about tools for building network states.

Jur Labs will be divided into topics. To begin, there will be 12 topics:

Access – How can people participate in decision-making?

Financial – How are funds controlled?

Contributor Rewards – What kind of incentives can we create?

Assets How can blockchain assets be connected to real-world assets?

Governance – What are the benefits and limitations of novel voting methods?

Reputation – What is the best way to store information to balance privacy and knowledge

Citizenship – How can we create meaningful connections and unity?

Identity – How do we provide meaningful identity while protecting privacy?

Services – What services does a decentralised government need to provide?

Evaluation & Analytics – What data should we track?

Judicial – How do we resolve disputes?

Territory – How do we organise and crowdfund acquisition of territory?

To access Jur Labs, you will first need to get a  free NFT Passport. Then you can use your passport to join Jur’s Discord community. Once you have verified your citizenship using your NFT passport, you can follow the instructions to apply to join the Jur Lab that interests you. You will get a passport stamp that grants you access to the lab. Active members can also earn passport badges reflecting their participation and contributions.

The network state is a promising concept, but it is not going to build itself. This new form of organization will only arise if we build it together. Please join other pioneer citizens and help design a better system for the future.

Get your free passport here and then join Discord here.