Be a modern arbitrator. Be a part of the Jur Roster. Learn about the Jur Roster and how it can empower modern arbitrators.

The Problem: Challenges Faced by Arbitrators Today

As arbitration becomes increasingly used in many small to medium disputes, arbitrators are faced with multiple challenges, such as:

  • Getting appointments
    Especially true for new arbitrators who need a wide network to start getting appointments.
  • Project management
    Inefficient processes make arbitrators spend more time with legwork rather than merits.
  • Growing one’s practice
    Limited number of appointments hinder growth, and training on the latest trends in arbitration are hard to come by.
  • Expanding a network
    The pandemic has made it more difficult to create lasting connections.

Jur believes that these problems can be addressed by harnessing the power of technology to create a platform with arbitrators in mind.

The Jur Roster: Our Solution to the Problem

The Jur Roster is a platform of highly-vetted modern arbitrators who are empowered by Jur’s digital tools to resolve disputes with more trusted and efficient procedures.

With this, Jur intends to solve the problems of arbitrators and cause a ripple effect to innovate the world of arbitration.

Who is the Jur Roster for?

The Jur Roster is intended to support the success of arbitrators from different backgrounds and career levels.

  • Emerging Arbitrators
    Arbitrators who are taking their first steps to initiate their career in this field.
  • Mid-Career Arbitrators
    Arbitrators who have already achieved a major career milestone and are currently growing their practice.
  • Senior Arbitrators
    Arbitrators with multiple appointments, who are part of a major arbitration body and want to grow their network further.

What are the benefits of being part of the Jur Roster?

Through a tech-enabled platform, the Jur Roster provides a solution to the problems faced by modern arbitrators.

  • Gain more appointments
    Tap into a network of businesses in need of efficient dispute resolution over backlogged courts.
  • Run proceedings anywhere
    Conduct virtual hearings with just a web browser with integrated transcription and automated record keeping.
  • Attend best-in-class training
    Learn how to resolve disputes digitally, what smart contracts are, and other next generation issues in arbitration.
  • Be part of a global network of arbitrators
    Join a community of arbitrators that hail from around the globe and represent the most diverse panel of neutrals assembled.

How to apply for the Jur Roster?

The Jur Roster is currently being built. Once it’s launched, arbitrators may apply to be part of it by following these steps:

  1. Initial Application
    Apply with your LinkedIn profile
  2. Letter of Reference
    Secure a letter of reference from a senior arbitrator who can describe your character and skills.
  3. Video Interview
    Attend your scheduled video interview for us to better understand your areas of interest and goals.

The Big Picture: Jur’s Vision for Modern Justice

The Jur Roster is just the beginning of our mission. Soon, we will launch a full suite of platforms and tools that will empower counsels, parties, and all other actors in the arbitration process.

Jur’s vision for modern justice utilizes digital technology to deliver justice at the speed of business. We intend to build interoperable platforms where people can conduct legally-binding digital arbitration in 168 countries. This new brand of justice will solve access to justice for more people around the world.

Come and be part of the future of arbitration. Join the Jur Roster of modern arbitrators.