The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC) is made up of large companies, law firms, software companies, and universities.

GLBC’s primary aim is to develop standards governing the use of blockchain technology within the legal sector. This perfectly aligns with Jur’s objectives.

Jur will join GLBC’s mission into organize, align, and educate stakeholders and industry professionals by creating standards governing the usage of blockchain technology, as well as to enhance security, privacy, productivity, and interoperability in the legal technology ecosystem.

We are pleased to join one of the most interesting networks of innovators in the blockchain field. We are also excited to bring our contribution and be able to interact directly with other members, authoritative subjects on an international scale of the legal industry, and we look forward to receiving feedback from their community.

CEO Alessandro Palombo.

Jur’s participation within the Consortium will improve the reach of the project in terms of networking, education, and coordination with other industry participants.

We are very pleased to welcome Jur to the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium. With over 300 participating organizations from more than 30 countries, the GLBC is leading the world’s legal industry to develop standards for the application of blockchain technology to the business of law. We look forward to Jur’s contribution to this important global effort.”The consortium now has over 270 members and is positioned to become the second largest blockchain consortium in the world across any industry — David Fisher, founder and board member of the GLBC commented

David Fisher, founder and board member of the GLBC commented
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Jur is looking forward to collaborating with other innovative companies and individuals within the consortium as they focus on applying blockchain technology to the legal industry in a transparent and ethical manner.