Jur is embarking on a journey of decentralisation, empowering the community to drive the project forward collectively. As part of the decentralisation, one of Jur’s flagship products, the Jur Arbitration Platform (JAP), has undergone significant upgrades and is now ready for partnership. Utilisation of JAP is subject to the usage of $JUR tokens. Requirements will be set on an individual basis according to the needs from interested parties.

This initiative aims to not only enhance its functionality but also actively engage potential users and partners, facilitating the product’s introduction into the market. 

Jur Arbitration Platform Overview

Compliant with the UNCITRAL Model Law, the Jur Arbitration Platform was developed by legal tech professionals, offering an innovative solution in online dispute resolution (ODR). Tailored for companies of all sizes and industries, it streamlines the dispute resolution process, aiming to minimise time, costs, and administrative tasks, and enhance transparency across parties while ensuring neutrality.

The Jur Arbitration Platform represents a modern and innovative approach to resolving disputes. It focuses on simplifying the often complex process of dispute resolution, by offering fully digitised procedures, streamlined operations, and a user-friendly interface that unites legal teams, parties, and arbitrators in an end-to-end platform. 

Platform Features and Benefits:

The Jur Arbitration introduces a host of features and benefits designed to streamline dispute resolution for both arbitrators and businesses:

  • Reduce award time and fees with a completely digitised procedure:
    • Digital rails for dispute resolution to accelerate outcomes while improving transparency.
    • 100% paperless with support for e-signatures.
    • Secure, video conferencing designed for dispute resolution.
    • A unified experience to keep arbitrators and counsel organised and on track.
  • Eliminate the hassle while enhancing fairness:
    • Automated record-keeping helps you gain the capability of a world-class chamber without the fees.
    • Gain confidence in digital due process and awards with a certifiable audit trail accompanying every procedure.
    • Use custom procedures enabled through an intuitive user interface to assemble tailor-made procedures with counterparties that suit your dispute.
    • With intelligent timetable scheduling, work smarter not harder with digital scheduling that works with Google, Outlook, and Office 365, eliminating back-and-forth emails and phone calls.
    • Digital arbitrator appointment that is neutral, fair, and tamper-proof.
  • Private and secure:
    • Enhanced security to easily store any arbitration-related document and information, with a fully encrypted database located in the parties’ geographical region.

Additional Add-on Services:

In addition to its core features, the Jur Arbitration Platform (JAP) offers a range of add-ons to enhance the dispute resolution process: 

  • Appeals: JAP provides an appeals mechanism for mutually agreeing parties, allowing for reconsideration by a higher-level arbitrator if necessary. This add-on offers parties an opportunity to seek further review of decisions made during arbitration.
  • Scrutiny: JAP offers scrutiny services conducted by a neutral third party to evaluate the quality of arbitration awards based on relevant case law and precedence. This service ensures that awards are well-founded and compliant with legal standards.
  • Arbitrator Upgrade: Before an appointment, parties have the option to request an arbitrator upgrade to a higher level than initially prescribed. This option allows parties to access arbitrators with additional expertise or experience, ensuring that disputes are handled by qualified professionals.
  • Summary Judgement: JAP enables arbitrators to adopt interim measures through the summary judgement add-on. This feature allows arbitrators to make prompt decisions on procedural matters, enhancing the efficiency of the arbitration process.
  • Arbitrator Appointment: The arbitrator appointment service facilitated by JAP ensures a transparent and neutral selection process, ensuring integrity and fairness in the arbitrator appointment process.

How JAP Empowers Arbitrators 

Arbitrators play a pivotal role in the dispute resolution process, and the Jur Arbitration Platform (JAP) is designed to empower them with the tools and resources needed to navigate disputes efficiently. Here’s how JAP supports arbitrators:

  • Seamless Application Process: JAP simplifies the application process for arbitrators, allowing them to create profiles and apply to join the platform with ease.
  • Real-World Experience: JAP provides arbitrators with hands-on experience through live arbitration cases. By participating in actual dispute resolution proceedings, arbitrators gain valuable insights and practical experience that further enhances their expertise.
  • Modern Arbitration Tools: JAP equips arbitrators with modern tools and technologies to streamline the arbitration process. From digital scheduling to secure video conferencing, arbitrators have access to cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

How JAP Benefits Businesses

The Jur Arbitration Platform (JAP) is not only designed to empower arbitrators but also provide significant benefits to businesses seeking efficient dispute resolution solutions. Here’s how JAP benefits businesses:

  • Fast Track: JAP offers a fast-track procedure, appointing a sole arbitrator through a tech-assisted process to ensure impartiality and transparency. This expedited process saves time and resources for businesses while ensuring a fair and efficient resolution.
  • Expedited Resolution: Parties, lawyers, and arbitrators using JAP are guided through an efficient tech-enabled flow, resulting in time and cost-saving benefits. This streamlined process ensures that all parties are properly heard and that resolutions are reached on time.
  • Paperless Operations: JAP provides a 100% paperless environment with support for e-signatures, streamlining document management, and reducing administrative burdens for businesses. 
  • Tamper-Proof Appointments: JAP ensures tamper-proof and unbiased arbitrator appointments. This feature provides businesses with confidence in the integrity of the arbitration process, promoting trust and credibility in dispute resolution outcomes.
  • Access to Modern Arbitrators: JAP offers businesses access to a roster of modern arbitrators vetted for their experience and expertise. With three pools of arbitrators assembled based on arbitration experience and prior appointments, businesses can choose arbitrators best suited to their specific dispute needs.
  • Fixed Fee Structure: JAP operates on a fixed fee structure, providing businesses with transparency and predictability in dispute resolution costs. This ensures that businesses can budget effectively for arbitration proceedings without unexpected expenses.

Are you interested in using the Jur Arbitration Platform to resolve your disputes or want to know more about the platform? Partner with us at [email protected].