It’s with great pleasure that we announce that Jur has selected CertiK, a leading security-focused audit platform that analyses and monitors blockchain protocols and DeFi projects for the auditing needs of the upcoming Jur Chain, a Substrate-based Layer 1 chain for powering Societies, Countries and Network States.

The audit begins with the token swap stack that will allow JUR token holders to migrate their VIP-180 JUR tokens from VeChainThor to the new Substrate-based chain, the Jur Chain.

The audit involves several components:

  • A smart contract deployed on VeChainThor that allows users to deposit their tokens
  • A patch on the VeChainThor node that exposes some custom endpoints to retrieve data from the VeChainThor blockchain that is not exposed by default
  • A custom built pallet on the Jur Chain that will allow users to claim the deposited tokens on the VeChainThor side

For the more technical savvy the token swap is implemented as a one way token lock.

Certik, founded in 2018 by professors from Columbia and Yale, is a pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing best-in-class Formal Verification and AI technology to secure and monitor blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications. CertiK has audited top projects like Ocean Protocol and Phala Network.

The Jur team is working with CertiK,  to ensure the highest level of security for our community,  and will continuously strive to apply the strictest industry security standards.

More information on the audit can be found here