The European Legal Tech Association’s event in Madrid was a massive collection of Europe’s leading innovators in the field of Legal Technology and an important occasion to bind with the most authoritative professionals of the industry
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November 21st, 2019 — Jur CEO Alessandro Palombo took the stage at the European Legal Tech Association in Spain as he shared his ideas on decentralization and digital transformation in the field of Legal Tech.

In a roundtable discussing the key success factors to the development and implementation of new technologies, Alessandro spoke about how smart legal contracts could expedite commercial agreements and reduce friction in the industry. The Jur Beta Platform is a great example of emerging new technology in use, as the smart legal contract editor and dispute resolution system is proof that blockchain’s decentralized ledger technology can save time, while making the entire process more convenient and affordable.

Jur Statuses continue to be an appealing way for legal professionals and businesses to get involved with Jur’s Ecosystem. Announced last month at the OceanEx Meetup in Amsterdam. Statuses are a way to incentivize ecosystem builders who purchase a long-term position in Jur.

Also present in the roundtable was Orsolya Szabó of ELTA Hungary, MaJesús González-Espejo of ELTA Spain, and Eva Brunch, the founder of digital transformation consultancy Alter Work. Jur’s participation was notable as the project has made great strides towards implementation in recent monthsincluding the first private sale of a vehicle through the use of a DIY smart legal contract.

The event hosted more than 300 professionals from the field of legal tech, and the central discussion was all about the future of the industry in Europe.

ELTA is made up of law firms, companies, legal technology providers, and start-ups from all over Europe. The three-day event in Madrid included a general members meeting, networking opportunities, keynotes, and roundtable discussions between experts in the field. Important topics included digital rights, ethics, AI, and automation, as well as focusing on the development and implementation of the legal technology itself.

“As noted by Wolters and Kluwers, there are no doubts whether the legal market will change, but when. The answer is: very soon. Glad that Jur has been invited to talk about successful legal tech products and share our experience on the matter” — said CEO Alessandro at the end of the conference.

“Great discussion this afternoon at European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) Congress. Thanks to the amazing organization, it’s unvaluable to have legal innovation moment such this one for sharing experiences and to build the basis of the industry. It’s clear that in the next 5 years a lot will change” — He remarked.

With more than 300 attendants and ELTA rappresentants coming from all Europe it has definitely one of the major occasion for any legal tech enthusiast — He concluded.

Jur is proud to be taking such a leading role in this ground-breaking area and will continue to participate in events led by such high-quality associations.

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