Become a Jur Community Moderator!

Jur is a project to believe in, a bold statement of a paradigm evolving. It’s no surprise that curiosity has grown amongst the various crypto communities.

That’s why we decided to launch the Jur Oracles program, one year ago: a call for all the Jur enthusiasts to join forces with us and strengthen our bonds with the community.

The Jur Oracles program is an ongoing program. Read more below.

Link to apply

Introducing the Jur Oracles

Since the dawn of time, the oracles were the people who were able to foresee the future.

Over time, the idea of an oracle became a specific terminology in informatics and blockchain, as a warrant of the randomness of decision. In dispute resolution, a trustworthy decision, which is incorruptible, is of fundamental importance. The decision is guaranteed by an oracle.

The reason to call ‘Jur Oracles’ the new community moderators lies on the importance of such a node in the network.

To be an oracle, in the Jur Decentralized Ecosystem, is to become a key point for the correct functioning of the entire system.

An Oracle is then a warrant for justice to be properly executed, someone committed to working for the truth and righteousness. They should be someone who believes in the idea that their actions will eventually lead to a world that is more just.

All these characteristics, together with a spirit of initiative and a will to support Jur’s mission are fundamental, for anyone that is willing to start the path towards becoming a Jur Oracle.

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The Jur Oracles will be managing the community of Jur, which is a wide group of people reunited under the sign of the $JUR token, that are interested in experimenting with ways of creating a better justice in the future, and that express their ideas and vote on controversies to earn and learn for the sake of a decentralized justice.

The Jur Oracles are the pivotal point of Jur’s project. Are you ready to become one?

Who is qualified to be a Jur Oracle?

Jur Oracles will be recruited from current Jur telegram community members and from active Twitter users that support and believe the project. We actively look for members who are passionate about the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry and the legal industry and are willing to contribute to the growth and development of Jur.

Link to Jur’s Telegram community:

Jur Oracle Role Requirements

  1. Have an enthusiastic and optimistic outlook towards the development of Jur’s Ecosystem. 
  2. Commit a certain amount of online time to Jur.
  3. Social skills: we are always in need of people willing to work on a team or that have a good and contagious temperament.
  4. Be highly skilled in, or possess a strong desire to learn, digital marketing, community outreach, technical support, product research & development, translation. Those who are not proficient nor willing to be as such, but are into legal tech and/or willing to learn more about it, or have deeply reviewed and studied what is Jur and how the Jur ecosystem works, are more than welcome.
  5. Be responsible on their commitment

Being a JUR token holder is a plus.

Jur Oracle Responsibilities

  1. Help new users understand Jur’s products
  2. Answer questions from the community about Jur
  3. Provide feedback to the team about community suggestions/ideas or guide members into the right direction
  4. Contribute early feedback regarding new products functions and features
  5. Organize constructive and educational discussions in telegram groups or other social platforms
  6. Become Jur’s frontline correspondent within the community and closely work with the Jur’s core team to secure a bright future for the project
Jur Oracles benefits

The Jur Oracle will be part of a think tank of game-changers of the legal tech services. The Jur Oracle is an early adopter and believer of the Jur ecosystem, thus having a great opportunity to become a key influencer between the community managers.

Jur has interests in China, Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Dubai , UK and South Africa at the moment, and things are rapidly growing. Jur’s team is constantly developing and people that participate in the project can eventually come to be considered the next important resource for any future team development.

In a nutshell, a Jur Oracle will access to

  1. Direct line of communication with the Jur Core Team
  2. Specially customized gifts from Jur
  3. Participate in all our offline activities as a privileged guest
  4. Suggestions from a Jur Oracle will be highly valued
  5. Be asked to give feedback on the product design of Jur
  6. Other incentives will be communicated upon successful recruitment
Application Process

Community members who are interested in becoming a Jur Oracle can fill out the application form ( The Jur Oracles Program is an ongoing program, we continuously accept applications.

We will review your application internally and email you if you are enlisted in the Jur Oracles Program.

All enlisted candidates will be invited to help us moderate the community for one month.

After one month, the candidates with the best performance will be officially promoted to a Jur Oracle.

Do you think you have all it takes to become a key reference point for the worldwide community of the legal decentralized? Jur is waiting for you. Start now, apply to become a Jur Oracle!


Jur Team