On December 16, 2022, Jur published updated documentation explaining the redefined scope of the project. Jur has always been focused on using blockchain tools to bring the benefits of “trustless” systems to social relationships, expanding from a narrow focus on justice to a much broader vision of helping people create better forms of social organization.

In 2018, Jur began developing a blockchain-based system for creating contracts with escrow accounts attached to a dispute resolution system. Jur then took it a step further in 2020 and began designing a system to deliver legally binding arbitration decisions with enhanced blockchain reliability. In 2022, as a result of constant iteration on the non-financial vertical of Web3, Jur realised a profound need. In response, Jur pivoted from providing only “justice” tools to providing a complete set of tools to create and manage societies, tools that can serve the nascent “Network State” movement.

Jur’s new tools can be used for many purposes. But in order to fully understand Jur’s new scope, one must have a basic grasp of the network state concept, so the documentation briefly explains this idea and its origins before continuing to explain the components of Jur’s new stack, which will allow people to create and manage societies.

Creating new societies is an experimental process and Jur expects that revelations requiring redirection of efforts will be common. We will come to understand what tools are most needed as people work through the process of building societies. Because of the dynamic nature of experimental societies, Jur’s new documentation has been published in the form of a Gitbook to facilitate frequent updates. The project will be continuously redefined in response to the ongoing process of discovering society’s needs. 

You can read the documentation here.

The Jur community is also maintaining a Network State Wiki with more detailed explanations of the network state model and related concepts. This movement is about citizens, people like you who believe we can create a better future. Get involved! You can contribute to the wiki and earn $Jur. First you will need to get an NFT passport and join Jur on Discord and help shape the future.