Jur is creating a Substrate-based chain that will connect to the Polkadot Relay Chain securely through Cumulus. This design allows Jur chain to rely upon the Relay Chain’s efficient block finalisation and security. Jur will bid for a parachain slot in the first quarter of 2023. Until the parachain slot is obtained, Jur will run as a testnet parachain of the Rococo network

Ethos is the testnet chain of Jur which has been recently released while waiting for the activation on Rococo (request pending here). The production parachain will have the same runtime as Ethos when it is launched. New features/pallets will be tested on Ethos before going live on the main chain. The first release of the runtime contains the token swap pallet to allow JUR holders to exchange VIP-180 (VeChain) JUR for newly minted JUR on the new parachain and the proposal pallet for the Community module of the Network State stack. These pallets will be deployed and tested on Ethos over the next few days. 

Jur team has its own quality assurance and audit procedures, but will not be the sole source of testing. Jur has involved leading security firm CertiK for auditing of the Jur Chain runtime configuration and the token swap pallet. CertiK ensures the highest degree of protection for users of the chain.

Jur is developing a Layer 1 blockchain built on the Substrate framework that aims to empower censorship-resistant communities with the tools they need to thrive. Learn more in the updated Jur documentation and join the Jur community on Discord to be part of the Network State revolution.