Jur has been building a Layer 1 composable infrastructure for advanced governance functions– tools and protocols for dispute resolution and other features applicable to Network States, Societies, and Countries.  

Next, Jur will finally complete the transition to Polkadot. 

Bring your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to the Jur Discord server: influence Jur’s path and evolution through participation.

Here’s the outlook for the coming weeks. This roadmap will continuously evolve and constitute an update of the previous one.    

Some highlights of the upcoming steps include: 

The New Jur Documentation 

Jur is working on the refined project documentation containing a comprehensive illustration of the project. Expect to find the new token model outline, built for the Jur Chain as a layer 1, the system architecture, the updated tokenomics, the governance structure, and much more. The document will be published on Gitbook in order to ensure smooth participation and contribution from the community. 

Jur Mainnet Launch

We are close to the Jur testnet launch. In the coming weeks we will present updates about the crowdloan launch and the strategic reasons behind the new timeline.

Jur Token Swap 

The pallet to migrate tokens from VeChain Thor to the new Jur Chain is ready and will be launched after the testnet release. The user experience for the swap will be simple and the Jur team will support and guide token holders through the transition. 

Dispute Resolution

The Jur Arbitration platform will be integrated in the Jur infrastructure. 

Network State dApp

Powered by the features of the Jur Chain, we are working on a “1-click Country dApp”, generated by the feedback and discussion made on Discord. More information will be soon disclosed. 


The roadmap follows the well-known formula of “now,” “next,” and “future.”

Jur DocumentationCrowdloan Rewards Gov 2 implementation
Ethos (Jur’s Testnet)  Crowdloan announcementNetwork State dApp release
Parachain Audit Parachain slot auction Parachain Launch
Token Swap Audit Dispute Resolution revised architecture for L1L1 Architecture
Token Swap Deployment (Testnet)Participation in Sub0
Tech Hiring
Substrate Builders Program

Join us in Discord to participate in the conversation and let us know what you think about our roadmap!