Dear Jur Community,

Since we announced Jur’s decentralization roadmap in December 2023, a few months have passed.

Here’s a recap of the past few months and future plans:

Current Status

  • The Jur Arbitration Platform has been updated and can support further development. This platform can function as a foundation layer to handle different types of disputes and is suitable for various use cases (e.g. Web3 Treasuries expense management, small and medium claims end-to-end resolution).
  • OpenGov has been integrated into the Jur Chain, enabling decentralized governance. The implementation is now ready for testing and go live.
  • The NationX App, which lets users create Societies on Jur, is still in the Beta phase. 
  • The Jur Chain is operational, with one validator managed by Jur itself in order to contain infrastructure costs.


  • Jur had multiple discussions with stakeholders. Despite interest and support, no concrete plans have been finalized between January 2024 and the end of June 2024.
  • During the first half of 2024, the $JUR token’s liquidity decreased, leading to its delisting from MEXC.
  • The initial plan to let the community decide the future of Jur via OpenGov became impractical and financially unsustainable, with annual costs of ~$20,000 for maintenance and necessary tools like Polkassembly and nodes management without which OpenGov is in practice not usable.
  • A similar sustainability issue applies to maintaining the network infrastructure, including the currently running validator and RPC node which will be operative for another three months


For these reasons, a more straightforward and simple approach is advisable:

  • Any $JUR holder can submit proposals on how to use Jur’s developed technology. The entire tech stack will be available for reuse if the proposer agrees to airdrop a new token to $JUR token holders.
  • This approach allows for new projects to emerge, distributing new tokens to $JUR holders through various airdrops.
  • The Jur Network will be running for the next three months, if you are interested in joining the network with your own node (repo) reach out to [email protected] before the 31st July 2024

How It Works

  • Submit proposals to use Jur’s tech stack with the condition of a token airdrop to $JUR holders.
  • A 2-week email-based procedure will verify the legitimacy of the proposer.
  • Reach an agreement, conduct the airdrop, and announce via official channels.

The Jur core team officially dissolved in January 2024, though some members remained active until June 2024 to complete the decentralization plan. 

While this is not the outcome we hoped for, we believe Jur could decentralize into a series of various new projects, benefiting $JUR holders with multiple tokens from different initiatives and it’s in line with the Web3 ethos that has always inspired Jur’s progress and actions.

We will provide informal updates if new projects arise using Jur’s existing technology.

The email [email protected] will remain available indefinitely for this purpose.

Please note due to lack of moderators we will be closing the Jur official Discord community by the end of July. Please follow Jur’s official account on Twitter to stay updated.

Thank you for your support.

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