Jur Working Groups are on a mission to develop tools for efficient cooperation and save us from the plight of Sisyphus. 

Everyone needs tools for collaborative efforts, social technologies like contracts and standards for compatibility that make it easy for people to work together. In the myth of Sisyphus, the protagonist is condemned to push a rock up a hill until he nears the top, only to have it roll back down, repeating this process in the underworld for eternity. Collectively, humanity is acting out the myth of Sisyphus. Far too often, people fail to create a universal tool that can be reused. Instead, we labor eternally, “reinventing the wheel” over and over again. Jur Working Groups are designed to solve that problem by creating flexible, widely applicable contracts and standards.

Jur working groups are flexible structures led by coordinators and comprised of experts in creating standardized contracts – for instance, an NDA contract, that many people and projects can use. Working groups can also create other kinds of standards in the future: technical standards for product compatibility, best practices for a professional activity, or any kind of reusable standard, but contracts will be the first use case. The first Jur Working Groups will create contracts for sale of NFTs, freelance agreements, DAO grant processes, and more. Working Group products should be designed to deliver the same legal outcome regardless of jurisdiction whenever possible. 

Each working group is led by a coordinator who defines the mission of the group, conducts research, discusses proposals, drafts the required documents, and collects and incorporates feedback. The other group members contribute their ideas, assist in the drafting, give feedback, and vote to approve or reject the final draft. 

In the near term, Working Groups coordinators and members will be chosen by the Jur team. Eventually, people who stake JUR will be able to elect Working Group members. Early groups will use existing software for cooperation. The preferred processes discovered by the groups through experimentation will form the basis of new Jur software products to host and coordinate group activity. 

Working groups will be the legislative force behind the Jur Network State, a new form of “opt-in” governance hosted on the blockchain. They will create the first constitution and then amend it in an iterative process of constant improvement by consensus. If you participate, your voice will matter. It is you and your colleagues in working groups who will shape the future of voluntary organization for global cooperation without borders. 

Click here to learn more about how you can join a Jur Working Group to help build a better future.