Polkadot India was an exceptional event! It was a pleasure for us to participate, and we strongly believe that it showcases the enormous potential of Polkadot. 

We’d like to share an important strategic update with you. As you may have noticed, there have been some recent changes in the supply and demand dynamics of Polkadot’s parachain slot auctions– now held monthly. Numerous projects, including Jur’s partners, routinely participate in auctions to initiate or renew their parachain leases.

We have decided to launch Jur Chain as a solo chain first to ensure operational celerity. This will enable us to complete the $JUR token swap much sooner, without having to wait for the successful outcome of an auction.

Similarly, this strategy ensures that Jur does not have to overspend on a slot in order to carry out the token swap or execute product delivery promptly. 

Holders of $JUR will soon have the ability to migrate their tokens to the Jur Chain. The token swap dApp is now production-ready and will undergo end-to-end testing on the solo chain.

We understand it’s a hassle. However, keep in mind that Jur will participate in a crowdloan soon. This strategy is intended to guarantee a fast token swap independent from market dynamics. 

We anticipate becoming a parachain in the near future and joining forces with other partners and projects in the space. With more than 51 societies attending the award, totaling 430K+ cumulative members, we are proud to build with our focus on our users. The Jur team has been working relentlessly towards this goal.

Stay tuned for our announcement on the launch of the Jur Chain!