On November 28th, 2022, in Lisbon, Portugal, before the Polkadot Sub0 conference, a group of Web3 founders met informally for an in-depth discussion around new concepts: Network States and beyond. It has been a unique kind of experience that created unique reflections and insights.

Jur founder Alessandro Palombo supported the opening of the gathering, giving an introductory presentation: “The Network State Primer”. The goal was to  provide an overview on the concept of state and nation, their history, the context in which they arose, and how the internet has changed that context, followed by a deep dive into the  Network State concept with examples of possible Network States.

In the below video, Ale goes into further details: 

You can view the Network State Primer presentation deck below: 

The Network State movement’s goal is to serve citizens who believe we can create better societal organizations. The outcome of this spontaneous meeting will soon be disclosed with new and interesting times anticipated ahead. Please join the Jur community on Discord to stay updated with new developments on the Network State movement and  help set the course to a future of enhanced freedom.