Last Updated On:  07-02-2024    

Dear Jur community members, 

As announced on 21st December 2023, Jur is embarking on a journey of decentralisation, empowering the community to drive the project forward collectively.

We endeavour to continuously update the community with the latest developments to ensure transparency and accountability to the Jur community.

On January 31st, 2024, the core team took a step back, relinquishing direct control over the project and entrusting its governance to the collective wisdom of the community. 

The transition to community-led governance will be facilitated through OpenGov, a platform designed to empower stakeholders with decision-making authority, and will conclude with the removal of the sudo key and the establishment of the Jur Treasury under decentralised governance, enabling the community to move the project forward. 

Understanding OpenGov and Polkassembly

OpenGov, or Open Governance, is a decentralised platform envisioned by the Dotsama community, designed to foster transparent and inclusive decision-making within the community, empowering token holders to actively engage in governance processes and propose changes to the network. OpenGov is decentralised and permissionless, facilitating swift decision-making without the need for hard forks, and placing power firmly in the hands of the community.

Similarly, Polkassembly is a dedicated platform for open discussions surrounding governance proposals within the Polkadot ecosystem, bridging on-chain decisions with off-chain discourse. 

These platforms are integral to Jur’s decentralisation journey, empowering the community to actively participate in shaping the project’s future. 

Please note that OpenGov and Polkassembly are still in development. Details will be provided on how to access these platforms once they are live.

Exploring Jur Products


NationX is a Web3-native infrastructure built on the Jur Chain for the next generation of digital communities be it a Startup Society or a Network State. The dynamic and streamlined dApp gives founders full granular control over their Startup Society with a staggering number of options to create the perfect community that speaks to their vision. Learn more about the platform in this comprehensive Knowledge Base

The Jur Beta Platform

The Jur Beta Platform is an innovative blockchain-based Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) solution, offering a fresh approach to handling micro claims through smart contract-based game theory. The platform includes the Open Layer and the Jur Editor, designed to simplify the creation of smart legal contracts, and is now open for exploration and development by the wider community. 

While the current codebase needs updates and active development, community members interested in contributing can apply to the treasury (currently work in progress)  to port the Open Layer to the new Jur Chain. With the support of the Jur Community, we aim to advance research and development efforts to improve ODRs for handling micro claims effectively.

Access the Github repository for The Jur Beta Platform.

The Jur Arbitration Platform

Jur also continues our journey to revolutionise digital arbitration through the Jur Arbitration Platform, a tech-enabled digital solution for disputes ranging from $50k to $2.5M, delivering an end-to-end dispute resolution experience tailored for companies of different sizes, industries, and stages.

Compliant with the UNCITRAL Model Law, the platform aims to enhance transparency across parties while ensuring neutrality. To learn more about the platform and for anyone interested in a partnership for its usage reach out at [email protected].

How to Contribute as a Community Member

Jur community members will play a pivotal role in driving the project forward, particularly once OpenGov is enabled for Jur. In the meantime, community members are encouraged to explore the following avenues of contribution.  

Engage with the Community 

Join the Discord community to connect with other members to share your ideas and participate in ongoing discussions around decentralisation and how the community envisions driving the project forward. Show interest, share feedback, and make suggestions in the dedicated #road-to-decentralisation channel on Discord

Create your Startup Society on NationX

Whitelisting has been removed from NationX for founders and now requires a 100k $JUR minimum balance making it more inclusive and decentralised. You can create your on-chain community by accessing the NationX dApp here

Run a Jur Node

Contribute to the infrastructure supporting societies, communities, and Network States by running a Jur Node locally. Test new features before they go live and actively contribute to the evolution of Jur’s network. Explore the code and set up your local node by accessing the  GitHub Repository

Contribute to the Research and Development of the Jur Beta Platform

The Jur Community is likely to fund the development of the Jur Beta Platform aiming to activate R&D efforts to push forward the creation of ODRs addressing micro claims. Community members interested in working on the development of the Jur Beta Platform and porting it to the new Jur Chain can do so by applying to the treasury which is currently being set up. In the meantime, you can explore the repository for the Jur Beta Platform, which involves Solidity-based smart contracts deployed on the VeChain Thor network, a Laravel API, and a React-based frontend. 

Build Jur Products

In order to contribute to the development of Jur’s products you need to have a GitHub account. In this section, you will find a few generic instructions to contribute proficiently. More specific details are contained in each repo’s README file.

  1. Discuss your contribution
    Before making significant changes, discuss your proposal with the community for the target project (NationX, Jur Beta Platform, Jur Arbitration Platform). This can be done through Discord
  2. Clone the repository
    Clone your forked repository to your local machine and use the README to setup the repository locally:
    git clone{{target-repository}}.git
  3. Create a new branch
    Create a new branch for your contribution:
    git checkout -b feature/your-feature-name
  4. Make changes & test them
    Make your desired changes to the codebase. Ensure that your changes follow the respective repository’s coding guidelines. Test your changes thoroughly to make sure they work as expected.
  5. Commit your changes and raise a pull request
    Commit your changes with a commit message. Raise a pull request and write a descriptive title & description of what this PR achieves. 

Please find below the list of repos currently available publicly:

The Jur Treasury

To fund future initiatives of the Jur Network and its products, a community treasury will soon be available. 

Stay tuned for an update with more details about the treasury and how to apply for it through OpenGov.

Resource List

Interested in learning more and getting involved? Here are some resources to get started:

Founders, we’ve put together some guides to help you start your society:

Web3 enthusiasts interested in the Network State will enjoy this Wiki to bring awareness and clarity to the movement.

Technical Resources


  • Jur’s Official YouTube Channel: Learn how to navigate Jur’s ecosystem, products, and protocols plus access recordings of past community calls and education videos on the Network State.
  • Join the Jur Community on Twitter and Discord: Collaborate, share ideas, and connect with the rest of the Jur community. 

As Jur embraces decentralisation, it opens new avenues for collaboration, innovation, and collective decision-making. Follow along to equip yourself with the knowledge and resources to become an active contributor to Jur’s decentralised ecosystem.