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The Jur Team is the beating heart of the Jur ecosystem. Comprised of the core team, Advisors, and Scientific Committee, they dedicate all their energy to making the dream of a decentralized legal ecosystem possible.

Core Team

The heart of Jur, legal tech experts and engineers working hard to build the justice system of tomorrow


The Advisors are widely recognized experts and innovators that help Jur grow with their expertise from their industry and their network.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee includes professors, arbitrators, and lawyers that ensure that Jur is legally sound and that its products stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny.

Jur Community

The Jur Community includes volunteers from many backgrounds that are helping Jur build a better legal framework for the world. They actively participate with Jur’s initiatives and support in managing the community and offline events and provide more general support simply by holding JUR tokens.

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Jur Oracles

Core supporters that help Jur manage the community and organize events & offline meetups.

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