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An overview of Jur's year to reach its growth potential.

Planting the Seed of Change

We're setting off on a fascinating new growth journey - building Network States. We aim to offer the infrastructure needed to shape innovative forms of social organisations. The primary focus of this quarter lies in the foundational aspects, the Jur Chain. We're implementing initial functionalities that are critical to unlocking Jur's potential, paving the way for the development of unique organisational logics.

In this quarter, we've targeted our exploration on:

  • Jur Mainnet
  • Token Swap Development
  • New Markets
  • Jur Economy
  • Polkadot Ecosystem

Budding Societies

Continuing to bloom, this quarter Jur turns its focus to the builders: the founders and their evolving startup societies. The inauguration of Jur's citizenship program will give birth to our first startup societies. Our exploratory emphasis this quarter lies on broadening the adoption of the Jur chain, keeping a keen eye on areas such as:

  • Token Swap Release
  • Society dApp
  • Meta-citizenship
  • Treasuries
  • Passports
  • Grant Programs
  • Polkadot Ecosystem
  • Partnerships

Cultivating Innovation


This quarter Jur digs deeper to extend its boundaries into the realm of new economies. Our focus sharpens on exploring fresh paradigms of Initial Society Offerings and fostering growth in our vibrant communities. With a calendar teeming with events, we're geared to infuse Jur with novel logic and dimensions. Our pursuits span across a diverse spectrum including:

  • Oracles
  • Society Economies
  • Society Token Systems
  • Trade
  • Liability

Flourishing Results

A new era blossoms. This quarter our discovery goes further to enable new economies and tokens on Jur. Discovery focuses on implementing logic for creating society tokens and launching new economies. The focus of the research is the growth of multiple decentralised new economies. The discovery will consolidate growth and pave the way for the next year. In this quarter, Jur will focuses on these main areas:

  • User Experience
  • Reputation
  • Initial Society Token Offerings
  • Finance
  • Services
  • New Modules

New Economies Thrive

As we move on to 2024, here's to unearthing new possibilities and expanding the horizon of Jur.