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Easily create any smart legal contract

Until now, no one has ever combined highly customizable legal contracts with self-executing smart contracts with attached mechanisms for dispute resolution. Jur provides the opportunity to include all of that in your contract.

  • Technical support is required to make a
    smart legal contract
  • Good contracts take time to make
  • Implementation of smart contracts
    limited to simple cases and requires technical expertise
  • Non-automatable contractual events remain
    uncovered or solved by outsourcing service providers
  • User-friendly interface to create smart legal
    contracts from scratch
  • Drag-and-drop clauses and ready-made templates
  • Implementation of Smart Contracts also available for complex cases
  • Access Jur’s dispute resolution methods with the
    Jur Editor and get a unified experience completely online



Create Smart Legal Contracts in a few clicks using an advanced interactive drag and drop editor.


Cut the cost: pick a template created by reputable lawyers or upload your own and start earning from it.

All In-Platform

Create your smart legal contract, negotiate clauses with your counterparty, and add a dispute resolution system.

High Customizability

Ready made templates, clauses, and logical flows allow users to build flexible and versatile smart legal contracts for any need.

Legally Binding

Jur allows you to digitally sign the contract.Your contract will be valid, binding and recognizable in any jurisdiction.

Secure Easy Escrow

Access Jur’s escrow service by paying with FIAT or crypto and include it easily within your smart legal contract. Protect your money until your contract is completed.

The Jur Editor is the smart solution for

  • DIY professionals who want to avoid the cost of lawyers

  • Lawyers who want to offer smart contracts without hiring developers

  • Small-medium business & enterprises

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