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Core Team

Alessandro Palombo

CEO And Cofounder

Alessandro Palombo is a tech entrepreneur with a legal background. He is CEO and founder of Jur and several other tech initiatives. He is also an advisor for public and private entities such as Oxford University, Astana International Financial Center, San Marino Innovation and Proriented.
Giotto De Filippi


Giotto has advised many ICOs and blockchain projects, including Cardstack, Decentraland, RNDR, and others. He is well respected and known in the blockchain space as an expert on tokenomics. He has a strong background in marketing, and was Director of Marketing at Viagogo and in the marketing team at Skype. Given his experience Giotto supervises tokenomics and technical aspects of Jur.
Luca Yesupatham Daniel


Luca has been involved as CTO in the legal tech field for a decade and founded a digital agency based in Bangalore, the so called “Silicon Valley of India”. He deals with blockchain space since 2015, being an investor in the area. He is an advisor for Blockchain India and has a deep overview of tech development. Due to his accomplishments, Luca has been featured on Wired.
Raffaele Battaglini


Raffaele is an attorney, qualified to practice law in Italy, founder of Battaglini-De Sabato Law Firm. He offers legal advice to SMEs and start-ups in the realms of innovation, blockchain technology, internationalisation, M&A deals, corporate matters and contracts. He is a co-organizer of ‘Legal Hackers Torino’; the first-born Italian chapter of the global movement, ‘Legal Hackers’.
Federico Angeloni


An innate curiosity and a default eclecticism drove Federico on the most diverse brands and fields such as automotive, interior design and street art before landing to Jur. Federico has a degree in Cognitive Philosophy and a Master's Degree in Marketing & Digital Communication where he thematized the concept of trends in the social media environment.
Adam Dossa

Blockchain Architect

Adam is one of the most well-known blockchain developer who previously worked with blockchain organizations including Polymath, Aragon, Spectre.io and many others. Adam graduated from Oxford University with a math degree, and worked for Morgan Stanley for a few years. Adam founded Enclaves (a DEX) and is working with Jur coordinating the whole blockchain development activities.
Luigi Cantisani

Legal Engineer

Luigi, LL.M. in International Trade Law, is an attorney, qualified to practice law in Italy, junior lawyer at Battaglini-De Sabato Law Firm. Luigi provides legal advice in the field of corporate law and commercial contracts to SMEs and start-ups, carries out research activities in the field of blockchain-based innovations and international arbitration. His interests and expertise have led him to start a path as a legal engineer within Jur.
Shuchi Tyagi

Blockchain Developer

Shuchi is a blockchain enthusiast and has consulted for products like IHT, Chronologic, Lala World and many others along with furthering the agenda of getting masses educated in blockchain with informative courses. She has an extensive tech knowledge in Smart Contracts and other blockchain technologies. Shuchi handles all the smart contracts development at Jur.
MTM Suhail

Senior Backend Developer

MTM Suhail is well experienced and extremely passionate Senior Backend Developer focused on Node.js. He is a Co-founder of Edusquare Knowledge Research & Innovations that accomplished South India's Most Vibrant Innovations Award - 2018 from Indian Express. He has extensive knowledge in Node.js, DotNet, and PHP in a TDD environment. Suhail handles the backend development at Jur.
Ashish Gaikwad

Technical Lead

Ashish is a minimalist design-tech product maker. He made two exits and currently leads tech at Jur. He has a mixed background of entrepreneurship, engineering, design and product management. Ashish is a fan of anime, calisthenics, emojis, and cigarettes after sex.
Francesco Paniccia

UI Designer

Francesco is a digital consultant and UI designer. His work goes beyond conventional interaction patterns and visual styles. He is specialized in consumer products that distill complex data into simple and beautiful visualizations. With his experience working alongside developers, marketers and design companies, he knows how to ensure that user needs are fulfilled.
Chris Connelly


Chris Connelly brings a multi-disciplinary skill set with a long history in game theory, tech, economics & banking, regulatory issues and government relations, management, and writing. He began developing software in 1976 and later helped create the first large primarily online bank, the E-trade bank, working on regulatory compliance reporting, software development, and data migration.
Marco Marasco

Technical Lead

Marco works as IT Director at Pleaseup, with more than 12 years of experience, his career led him to specialize increasingly in the management of complex IT projects. Methodical administration to deadlines, clarity in communication and application of agile methods, through staff motivation and involvement in both decision-making and target-setting, make him a strong team lead.
Michele D’Asaro


Michele originally trained as a physicist, before going to drift his interests towards complex systems and machine learning, obtaining a research master in Computational Neuroscience. Now focusing his academic efforts on the interface between Philosophy, Science and Technology, he keeps an eye on public outreach and creativity working for the Dutch International Science Film Festival
Carolina Meglio

Business Manager

Carolina has studied languages and linguistic mediation and specifically English and Chinese for several years. She has a master's in Marketing and Communication. She has run successfully a B&B in Rome before moving to Lugano to specialize in business administration. Thanks to her sociable and organizational nature, she is extremely suitable for teamwork and teambuilding.
Monica Leal

Business Developer

Monica has been involved in Administration and Human Resources department management, for the last 15 years she has also worked for the Venezuelan tech industry as a Marketing and Sales Executive, and for US-based companies, as a virtual assistant.
Piotr Ojrzyński

Senior Blockchain Developer

Piotr is a frontend expert developer with more than 10 years of experience in software development and in particular with high knowledge of Javascript/EcmaScript 5/6, React.js, Redux, GraphQL, Web3.js, Metamask , Socket.io, Node.js, DOM, Ajax, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, cross-browser compatibility, PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5, SVN/GIT, and TDD.
Giovanni Maggio

Marketing Specialist

Giovanni served in multinational companies dealing with cross-functional teams of Product Marketing & Business Development; working in particular for Piaggio in Vietnam. His international experience and passion for digital marketing have led him to jump on the next adventure with Jur. Giovanni has a BSc and MSc in Economics and an MBA with a specialization in ICT.
Omri Orr Licht

UX Designer

Omri Orr has worked as user experience and interface consultant for 8 years, involved in a large scale of product types, from back end development systems and visual monitoring, to mobile apps and e-commerce. In 2018 he founded the The Insight Company a behavioral design studio. Omri designs products to fit the way people actually are, rather than how we would like them to be.
Lingfen Li

Head Of Business Development Asia

Lingfen after accomplishing his graduation at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu) he has started his career in marketing and sales and lately founded a company focused on technology. He has been involved in the blockchain space quite early and now heads the business development of Jur in Asia with a specific eye on the Chinese ecosystem.
Luca Viviani

Community Manager

Luca is a software developer expert in low-level programming languages, involved in the crypto space since its beginning. Since 2013, he began following cryptocurrencies and over time he became a crypto influencer in the Italian online community, mostly specialized in depth analysis of ICOs and STOs. Specifically, he founded CryptoItalia, the largest Facebook group about crypto in Italy.

Scientific Committee

Larry DiMatteo

Huber Hurst Professor of Contract Law at University of Florida

Professor DiMatteo is the author of 11 books and 90 articles and chapters on international sales law, comparative contract law, contract law, and legal theory.  He holds a Master of Laws, LL.M., Harvard Law School, J.D., Cornell Law School (magna cum laude), Ph.D., Monash University (Australia), B.A., (economics) and B.A. (Political Science) State University of New York at Buffalo (summa cum laude).
Andre Janssen

Professor of Private Law
University of Radboud

André Janssen is the author of over 100 publications and Chair Professor at Radboud University, Nijmegen. He held previous positions at City University of Hong Kong, and the Universities of Bayreuth, Göttingen, and Münster in Germany. He studied at the University of Münster and at the University of Nijmegen and got his Ph.D. from the University of Münster (summa cum laude).
Stefano Cerrato

Professor at University of Turin

Author of more than 150 publications in Commercial Law and Arbitration, full professor of business law at the University of Turin where he received a Juris Doctor, magna cum laude. Ph.D. in Business Law, Bocconi University. He serves in the Piedmont Arbitration Chamber and the Arbitration Chamber of Italy's Anti-Corruption Authority. He is also admitted to plead in front of the supreme jurisdictions of Italy.
    Diana Wallis

    Former Vice President European Parliament
    University of Hull Senior Lecturer

    Former member of European Parliament (Vice President 2007-2012) and leader of the Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee Diana’s legislative work focused on European private international law; Contract law, ADR & mediation, collective redress, property rights, e-justice and a groundbreaking report on the role of the national judge in EU law. Mediator, Member of the Charter Institute of Arbitrators.
    Michel Cannarsa

    Director of Law Faculty
    Catholic University of Lyon

    Dean of Lyon Catholic University Law School. PhD, in Comparative Products Liability, from the University of Lyon and the University of Turin in 2003. His areas of research are International and European Law, Commercial Law, Comparative Law, Consumer Law, Law of Obligations and Legal Translation. Published expert on Contract and Products Liability Law. Active research in Digital Law and Personal Data Protection.
    Sjef Van Erp

    Professor at University of Maastricht

    Civil and Private Law - Maastricht U. Vice-President of the European Law Institute, Secretary-General of the International Ass. of Legal Science, on the Board of the International Institute for Justice Excellence, co-founder & Advisory Editor of the European Journal of Comparative Law & Governance, co-founder & Editor-in-Chief - European Property law Journal, Deputy Justice - Court of Appeals ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
    Mateja Durovic

    Lecturer King’s College London

    Lecturer in Contract and Commercial Law at the Dickson Poon School of Law. PhD and LLM degrees - European University Institute, LLM degree - University of Cambridge, and LLB degree - University of Belgrade. Visiting Scholar at Stanford Law, and Max Planck Institute of Private International and Comparative Law. He has also worked for the Legal Service of the European Commission, BEUC, and the UN.
    Benedetta Cappiello

    Adjunct Professor Università degli Studi di Milano

    Born and raised in Milan where she graduated cum laude at the The University of Milan. Currently a Research Fellow in International Law and an adjunct Professor in International investment law and Sustainable Development at the University of Milan. Benedetta authored numerous scientific publications and she has recently published her first book on European policy on Foreign Direct Investment. Towards a Sustainable Investment.


    Sunny Lu

    CEO and Cofounder VeChain

    Sunny Lu is co-founder and CEO of VeChain. He is passionate in his belief in the disruptive power of new innovations like blockchain. Sunny has over 15 years of management experience and technical expertise. Prior to co-founding VeChain, he served as CIO of Louis Vuitton China (part of LVMH Group) and has created and implemented large-scale IT and information security projects.
    Sergio Mottola

    Executive Chairman
    San Marino Innovation

    Sergio is an expert in business strategy, digital transformation, technology and open innovation with over 12 years of experience. He is Executive Chairman of San Marino Innovation S.p.A., the Institute for Innovation of the Republic of San Marino. Prior to joining the digital industry, he worked for many years as an insurance broker, dealing with large accounts, regional business development with particular reference to operations in Italy, Israel and Asia.
    Mark Beer OBE

    Chairman at The Metis Institute

    Mark Beer OBE is Chairman of The Metis Institute, President of the International Association for Court Administration; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Global Legal Action Network; a member of the Commercial Dispute Resolution Taskforce amongst many other key institutions in the field of legal, arbitration and dispute resolution. Mark is also now part of the advisory board for Jur, recognizing its role in guaranteeing trust.
    David Orban

    Founder of Network Society Ventures

    Founder and Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures, David Orban’s entrepreneurial accomplishments span several companies founded and grown over more than twenty years. An early adopter of blockchain technologies since 2010, he was the first to own Ether during the Ethereum launch. He also led the adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain in start-ups and is an advisor and investor in numerous blockchain companies and funds.
    Jonas Karlberg

    Cofounder and CEO at AmaZix

    Jonas is a co-founder of the Nordic Blockchain Association, and the founder of AmaZix, the world leading blockchain Advisory Firm instrumental in major successful token sales like Bancor, HDAC (by Hyundai), and BANKEX and +130 more. Jonas Has more than 20+ years of commercial leadership experience working with some of the worlds largest brands. Jonas leads a global team of 80 people as CEO of AmaZix.
    Ariel Mielich

    Project Lead at Decentraland

    Ari Meilich is a Project Lead at Decentraland, a decentralized virtual world that is becoming a playground for all NFT games. He was previously an Analyst at Charles River Ventures, and founded two startups. He’s a member of the Voltaire House, the foremost crypto community in Buenos Aires. He brings in Jur the experience of a blockchain project, token management, ICO infrastructure and community building.
    Matt Briant

    CEO & Cofounder at Rascal Ventures

    Matt joined the Walt Disney Company in 2014 to lead Digital Transformation and develop an Internal Digital Agency for Southeast Asia. His focus is on developing CRM & Retargeting Programs, 1st Party Data Management, Mobile & Social Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Local Content Production, eCommerce and Consumer Experience Architecture for Sites & Apps. Matt brings in Jur his experience in marketing of digital product and relationships.
    Sara Noggler

    Founder Polyhedra

    Public Affairs and Head of blockchain Scientific Committee of San Marino Innovation. After a journey into the world of credit and finance, in 2016 Sara Noggler approaches with growing curiosity to the world blockchain. In 2017 she becomes co-founder of the community NdT, meeting point between companies and vendors, to contribute to the knowledge and dissemination of the technology of distributed registers. Founder and CEO of Polyhedra.
    Fabio Cardoni

    Blockchain Advisor & Private Investor

    Serial entrepreneur, business development strategist. Member of Jur, advisor for carVertical and BIT. Previous experiences: Founder & CEO of The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co., Tessier (Founder & CEO), Chilworth Technology (Business development). Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies since 2012.
    Sheraz Ahmed

    Business Development
    Crypto Valley Association

    Sheraz is a multilingual professional that has a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency markets and has advised start-ups on how to use blockchain technology to further their objectives. During his most recent role, as Marketing Lead of SMART VALOR, the Swiss-based blockchain start-up set to build a decentralized marketplace for tokenized alternative investments, Sheraz grew the awareness of the project internationally.
    Gerardo Trevino

    Founder and CEO at Paybook

    Gerardo sold his first lines of code at 16. Asa a software developer and entrepreneur Gerardo aims to build innovative solutions that improve the world that brought about the creation of Paybook, Inc. through which he worked to automate and streamline financial processes so as to save users time and help them make smart decisions.
    Enrico Ferro

    Head of the Innovation at ISMB

    Enrico is the Head of the Innovation Development department at ISMB, member of the Expert Group at NATO. He is also a member of the Italian Node’s Strategic Committee of EIT Digital. Enrico invests in technology-based startups and covers an advisory role in a selected number of blockchain ventures such as Swissborg and Bitclave. He brings in Jur his experience in Strategic support Institutional Relationships.
    Carlo Moretto

    Executive at IBM Switzerland

    Carlo, MBA in Marketing and Strategy, has extensive experience in electrical engineering, sales management and IT strategy, especially in the fields of telecommunications and cloud computing. After a first work experience in Telecom Italia, he worked since 2002 for IBM, holding various technical roles. After two short experiences, respectively in Oracle and CA Technologies, he returned to IBM in February 2019.
    Ivan Granito

    Ph.D. & CEO JarvixX

    Ivan is a hybrid profile between a quantitative economist, actuary and startupper with focus on economy related to the crypto world. He is currently involved as a Consultant at Boston Consulting Group Milano fully qualified Actuary. He holds a Ph.D. in Actuarial Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome. In the blockchain space he advised several blockchain projects with regard to crypto-economics of the token.

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