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The JUR token is used for:

Dispute voting

The voting process in the Jur Open Layer and the Jur Community Layer is based on game theory and uses economic incentives to deliver a vote that is both quick and fair. Voters need to purchase JUR tokens in order to vote and gain more tokens through successfully judging disputes.


In the Jur Community & Court Layer tokens are used as a guarantee fund in order to prevent corruption in the judgment of a dispute. Community & Hub admins must stake JUR tokens in escrow in order to be allowed to accept disputes. This escrowed stake will be used as an anti-corruption fund. The consequence is that tokens will be locked for the duration of the existence of the judging Community or Court.

Peer review staking

In the Court Layer when an arbitration award is finalized it is submitted to other arbitrators for peer review. Arbitrators are required to stake JUR tokens that they will forfeit if their peer review does not correspond with the judgment of their colleagues.

Marketplace & Smart Legal Contracts

JUR tokens are used for many features within Jur’s ecosystem. For example a JUR token holder can access quality ready-made templates and start creating smart legal contract in quick and affordable way compared to traditional ways of drafting and finalizing contracts.

Token velocity

The circulation of JUR tokens is generally slow. Tokens staked in the Communities and in the Hubs as anti corruption guarantee funds can remain blocked for months or years. In a similar way, votes in the Open and Community Layers are blocked until the judgment is finalized. This helps the Jur’s token diffusion as the demand for Jur’s services should increase over time.

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