We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Jur Alliance program, an exciting initiative designed to create a thriving ecosystem for Startup Societies, Nations, and Network States. At Jur, we believe in the power of community, and we are delighted to have you join us on this transformative journey.

Fuelling Innovation and Empowering Change

The Jur Alliance Program is our community’s driving force, uniting community builders, thought leaders, and advocates like you. As a Jur Ally, you become an essential part of our vision for a decentralised future, actively participating in the community, promoting Jur, and contributing to the growth and development of our network.

Embark on a journey filled with exciting challenges and rewarding opportunities. Engage in quests and campaigns tailored to different interests and skill sets, earning valuable fuel points and XP. Showcase your achievements on the leaderboard, competing with fellow Allies for top spots. The rewards include $JUR tokens, merchandise, event passes, and more.

Navigating the Alliance

The Jur Alliance program will take place exclusively on AirLyft. This dynamic platform will host quests and campaigns, each tailored to cater to diverse interests and skills. As a Jur Ally, you can join the community by signing up directly on AirLyft through Twitter.

Once you’re part of the Jur Alliance community on AirLyft, you can dive into the quests and campaigns of your choice. Completing these tasks will earn you valuable fuel points and XP, driving your progress and showcasing your achievements on the leaderboard. The more quests you undertake and excel at, the higher you climb on the leaderboard, competing with fellow Allies for top honours.

Perks and Rewards

Rewards are our way of showing appreciation for the ongoing support from our Allies, making them as rewarding and exciting as possible. We will continuously experiment and offer diverse reward selections to make your experience even better! Allies will receive their rewards on a monthly basis, with exact distribution details communicated on the Jur Alliance Discord channel.

In the initial phase, we will be rewarding Allies with $JUR tokens, but that’s not all! Soon, we have plans to introduce exclusive Jur merchandise, event passes, and much more, giving you even more reasons to be an active part of our growing community.

To be eligible to receive rewards, you must fulfil the following prerequisites:

  1. AirLyft Authentication: Log into AirLyft through Twitter. This is our way of authenticating you, so remember to use the same Twitter credentials every time you login to AirLyft and follow Jur’s Twitter account.
  2. Welcome Campaign Completion: Complete all tasks in the Welcome Campaign, including obtaining a Jur Passport and verifying your email. Only then will you become eligible to receive rewards and unlock the full potential of the Jur Alliance program.
  3. Valid Dotsama Wallet: Ensure you share a valid Dotsama wallet address during the Welcome Campaign. We won’t ask for your wallet address for every quest or campaign; instead, we’ll automatically release the rewards to the provided Dotsama wallet address associated with your Twitter account used to login to AirLyft.

Engage and Connect

Stay connected and engaged in the vibrant Jur Alliance community through our special gated Discord channel. This exclusive space is where we post updates on upcoming quests, monthly leaderboards, special private campaigns, and more. It’s also your forum to ask questions, seek support, and discuss campaigns/quests with fellow Allies.

Unlock access to this dynamic channel by ensuring you have a valid Jur NFT passport and have used it to connect to Discord. Additionally, keep an eye on your verified email inbox, as you’ll receive a monthly update there, providing you with the latest developments and opportunities to participate actively in the Jur Alliance Program.

Welcome aboard the journey of building a thriving Jur community, where innovation, empowerment, and positive change flourish. Join the Jur Alliance now.