Update: Support for Token Swap will end on 31-Jan-2024 as part of Jur’s decentralisation. Please ensure to swap your tokens before the deadline.

Jur is moving from VeChain to a Solo Chain built on Substrate. $JUR token holders should swap their VeChain $JUR for the new substrate-based $JUR. Each VeChain $JUR that you swap will entitle you to one new $JUR.

To execute the swap, you will lock your VeChain $JUR in a smart contract. You will also need a Polkadot.js wallet and address so the smart contract knows where to send your new tokens. As soon as the state root is updated, you will be able to claim your new substrate-based $JUR tokens by providing your Polkadot.js wallet address. 

The swap will involve a transaction on VeChain, so you will need a small amount of $VTHO for gas. To make the exchange, you will need to move your tokens to VeChain’s Sync2 wallet. You will not be able to send tokens to the swap smart contract directly from OceanEx or any other wallet, only VeChain Sync2 (full version; the lite version will not work). Note which account you are using within Sync2 and make sure to use the same account throughout the process.

Don’t worry– it’s easy to perform the swap. Watch the tutorial to learn how or read the instructions below.

Token Swap Instructions:

  1. Download your VeChain Sync2 wallet and run the executable file to set it up.
  2. Transfer your $JUR to VeChain Sync2 wallet.
  3. Set up a Polkadot.js wallet.
  4. Go to  https://swap.jur.io and where you see “connect your wallet” click the button that says Sync 2. Your Sync2 wallet will open and you can select “Continue and Sign” to confirm the connection. Next select the amount of VeChain $JUR to lock in the swap contract.
  5. To complete the token lock, you will be directed back to Sync2 to sign the contract. You will then see two success messages. The second message will allow you to view the transaction on VeChain to confirm the process completed.
  6. When you close the VeChain window, you will see a window that indicates that your “Transfer is in Progress.” Your new tokens will be available once the state root is updated. This can take 48-72 hours.
  7. Once the state root is updated, when you visit https://swap.jur.io the top status bar will say “Claim Jur tokens on Substrate” and a window on the page says “Let’s get your Substrate Wallet Address ready.” Enter your Polkadot wallet address and sign the certificate on Sync2 to confirm.
  8. Now your wallet is connected and you can click “Claim Tokens” to have them sent to your wallet. You will get a success message that gives you a link to the transaction record. You can also view your remaining tokens and go back to swap again.
  9. Once you finish you can disconnect your wallet in the top right of the page.